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Okay I let Bailey have her say last week.  Did you really think Brady wouldn’t demand to speak too?

IMG_2602Hi! I’m the good boy! I’m the one who snuggles in mom’s lap, next to mom, touching mom.  I’m the one she likes best. Okay probably not.  She loves us both the same and gives us equal time.  But I have how to get my time down to a science.  I’ll chew on a bone and give off the don’t come near me vibe to Bailey.  Then she goes to get some mommy time.  I leave my bone and sneak in between them.  Before I can blink, she walks away and heads for the toy I had last.  Bingo.  Mom time for me.

Mom calls me a Bully.  Not sure that’s such a nice word.  So big deal if I walk over to Bailey, who is usually laying quietly by herself, not bothering anyone, and stare.  If she ignores me, I step closer.  I keep staring.  I’ll just hover over her until she concedes either she plays with me or I’m going to start pulling on her ear so she’ll wrestle with me on the bed.

But I make up for being a “bully” by bathing her.  Mom thinks its gross.  I’ll lick inside her ear for awhile.  I think the weird girl likes it.  I have other gross habits but mom absolutely forbid me from mentioning them here.  I will say she keeps breath spray upstairs and leave it at that.

daretodesireBrady would also like to tell you that DARE TO DESIRE is now up for PREORDER at iBOOKS and AMAZON and he’d be really happy if you checked it out! The iBooks link is NEW!

Carly’s back – I’ve had 4 dogs in my lifetime.  A male Maltese who got jealous of my daughter after she was born and ended up biting, gave him to a woman who accepted him as is and loved him till the end; a male wheaten – Buddy – the light of my life and the sweetest boy ever born who we lost at 12 and a half … a male Havanese (Brady) who is also sweet but I see the little dog tendencies in him – the growling at Bailey at the steps and near the bed … and Bailey my wheaten girl who is my neurotic. 

I was wondering if you animal lovers/owners find a difference in male/female dogs … or if it’s just an individual pup’s personality?