Happiest Place on Earth?

IMG_2625 IMG_2654 IMG_2665 IMG_2666YES! Even in the rain and freezing cold (for Orlando, Florida, anyway!).  As some of you know from FB, we went to Disney last weekend for my daughter’s National Cheerleading competition.  The girls didn’t final but they ROCKED and they were so amazing.  I’m really a proud mama!  I also took a ton of pics and really did have a blast in the parks.  I guess it’s true, you’re never too old for Mickey Mouse!  Or Pooh and Friends. 







I promised to give Carly’s List of Things to Remember while in Disney:

1. Check the bottom of your shoes for toilet paper when you leave a restroom.

2. The hubby says bring a flask to the Magic Kingdom which is alcohol free and insanity inducing after 3 hours in the rain. (KIDDING!)

3. WEAR SNEAKERS. For once I did this right. No sandals for me and no sore feet when it was over.

4. Be Silly.  Where else do you get the chance to wear Mouse ears and nobody looks at you funny?

5. Smile.  You’re at the Happiest Place on Earth.  They call it that for a reason! I mean we were greeted by Mickey Mouse on our beds!


I admit I’m a convert! Again. Haven’t been there since my almost adult kids were very young! I hope you get the chance to visit Disney.  I can’t believe how expensive it is, but well worth saving for.  The Geek in me loved the technology.  I can’t help thinking Steve Jobs would have loved it there too. LOL!

So have you had the chance to experience Disney World or Land? Love it? Like it? Tolerate it and once was enough? I hope not! I think it’s a little like labor pains.  By the time it’s over you’re exhausted and never want to do it again.  Then you conveniently forget and when you experience it all over again, it’s well worth it! 😀


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  1. I have been to Disney World 5 times and I am going the end of March. The first time was before kids. We wanted to have one big fun time before we started a family and we picked Disney World. It was a blast. I did get my Mickey Mouse ears with “Sue” on the back! The next time we went with the kids in 2001. Did the princess breakfast, Chef Mickey…all of it. After that it was with my ENTIRE family in 2005 after my brother passed away. It was interesting being there with that many people. Then when my kids got into high school, their marching band performed in the Nighttime Electrical Parade and we went to watch in 2010, 2012 and this March will be the last time a kid performs. It is awesome watching your kid perform at Disney.

  2. We’ve been several times but never stayed at a Disney propery. Hubby and missed you by a couple of days. We had the warm part of last week to visit the park. Our 2 year old granddaughter loved it

  3. went there almost 2 yrs ago..my son & family took me along w./them…2 granddughters and a grandson..we had a blast 9 days of so much Disney..if I ever get to go back i will take my time and enjoy the sites more…i would like to have gone at a much slower pace than a 5 and 7 yr old had gone…but I loved every second of all those days…

  4. I love going to Disney World. I’ve never been to CA, and it is on my wish list of trips. I could happily vacation at Disney about every other year. Hoping to go in the next couple of years with my sister and her family. Might just go alone if I can’t get them to make a plan. 😕

  5. We were there two years ago. We camped at Camp Wilderness. It was our first time there and we enjoyed it in spite of it being a money pit. I especially loved the ride Soaring. Our grandchildren had been there a few months before and they told us which rides to ride. We will be returning.

  6. We love anything Disney. Just got back from a short trip to Disneyland a couple weeks ago. Heading out on 5th Disney Cruise in a couple of months and then another trip to Disney World after that. It seems we hit a Disney something about every year and a half. As you said Disney isn’t cheap so we need time to save for the trips, but I consider the money well spent.

  7. Went in 1991 with our then 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son. We plan to return as adults soon, then with our grandkids when they are old enough.

  8. Living only a few hours away, I have had the advantage of going to Disney World more time than I can count. I will be taking my family next month. Three kids under 5. Should be fun.

  9. We were there the same time as you! We love WDW and go as often as we can. This was DD3’s 7th trip. We can’t help it. It’s the best place to be!

  10. We’ve never been, but my daughters and I have decided that WHEN we win a lot of money, we are going to stay in Cinderella’s Castle! It sounds like your family had a good time, and congratulations to your daughter and her team for participating!

  11. :mickeymouse: :mickeymouse: :mickeymouse: :mickeymouse: I LOVE the Disney Parks!!!! I am sure you already know that. I am a Disney Geek, as you know. What I love most about the Disney Parks is that my oldest son, who has autism, is just a ‘regular kid’. It takes preparation, but it’s so worth it. I am such a Disney Geek that Hub proposed at DL and then we honeymooned at WDW.I love the new “magic bands”, although, I’ve never used it. :mickeymouse: :mickeymouse: :mickeymouse: :mickeymouse:

  12. I lived in Orange County California near Disneyland for 40 years, so have visited many times. Now I live in Orlando and visit the Disney parks fairly often. I like them both locations, but my favorite is still the original, although Animal Kingdom is pretty awesome.

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