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Baby boy is three. How that is possible, I don’t know.  TIME FLIES!  A little about him: He’s a cuddler, a doofus, and a silly boy.  He keeps me company while I write, curling up on my right side while I sit in my recliner or on my bed and work.  He gives Bailey a hard time at the bottom of the steps on her way up, trying to play King.  (Hence the crown).  He has some bad habits that I can not post anywhere on the Internet.  It’s just too humiliating.  But he makes up for it every other way.  He isn’t Buddy’s replacement but he has filled a hole in my  heart and he definitely adds joy to my life.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILLY MAN!

IMG_0913Tell me about pets.  Have any? Dog? Cat? Plural? Multiples? And wish the silly man a happy birthday.  He likes to feel important