Alex wants you to know …


Yes, Alex O’Laughlin really does remind me of Alex Dare (maybe a little older).  And MY Alex  wants you to know – He really IS working on his relationship with Ian (DARE TO LOVE) … Really.  16 Days & Counting!


“I get why you walked out on Riley after she landed herself in the hospital,” Alex admitted as the guy behind the bar slid a tumbler toward Ian.

His brother took a long sip.  “Can’t say it was one of my finer moments.  Looking back, I don’t think it was the right way to handle things.”

Alex raised an eyebrow.  “What would’ve worked better?”  They both knew Riley had been as stubborn in her own beliefs as Madison now was in hers.

“I should have cuffed her to the bed until she saw reason.”  Ian lifted his glass.  “A little dominance once in awhile doesn’t hurt.”

Alex shook his head and grinned.  “Probably more than I want to know about your relationship, but I get your point.”  He swallowed a gulp, closing his eyes at the soothing burn.  “I threatened to take her over my knee,” he muttered.

Ian shrugged.  “So do it.”  — @ CP Publishing, 2014

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Do you like picturing actors or models as characters or do you prefer an blank canvas in your mind?

19 thoughts on “Alex wants you to know …”

  1. Alex O’Laughlin certainly works for me!!!!! I love seeing pictures of what actor/model an author uses as inspiration! Although truthfully I substitute Joe Manganiello pretty often, as HE IS my HOT hero!!!! :cheerleader2:

  2. If an actor reminds me of my character it works for me. Most of the time the cover is what helps my mind’s movie making skills. Alex O’Laughlin works for me in Alex Dare’s case. Thanks for the image. Now I’m even more eager to read it!

  3. I loved Alex O’Laughlin in Moonlight, then the Hospital show (can’t remember the name). He is hot as hell on Hawaii 5.0 but I don’t like the show.

    I often picture the hero.

  4. I don’t go to movies, watch TV, so don’t knwo who most or up-to-date actors are. But I can see a picture or read a descript and put it together!

  5. I don’t mind when authors share pics of the person who inspired their hero. I rarely picture that person when I read anyway. NOt sure why but every heroes face is always vague when i read…no matter the description given…now their body is always perfection. hahahaha

  6. I don’t mind when authors share who was their inspiration for their characters. If I don’t get a picture then I create one in my mind.

  7. I picture celebrities as characters. Sometimes, it’s interesting to see who authors “imagine” their characters to be.

  8. I often picture someone in my own mind, friend or celebrity, but it’s nice to know who the author uses as inspiration. I don’t always agree with the author!

  9. I actually prefer to “see” the character(s) in my mind, that way there are no preconceived notions.

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