Monday Madness

I was so busy at a Facebook Author Party last night for Lauren Blakely and Laurelin Paige, I honestly forgot to post a blog! So a mishmosh of things for you today –

1. 17 Days until DARE TO DESIRE is available on April 10, 2014 (eBook, print & soon audio) so a teaser is in order:

BjVHDsfCUAAntdD“Has anyone ever said no to you?” she asked, hoping he didn’t notice the tears of frustration in her eyes, the pain in her voice for the things she wanted but could never have. “Not when it mattered,” he said, his honesty surprising her. “And you matter. I also know how to work for what I want. And Madison?” He looked directly into her eyes. “I want you.”

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2. Dare to Love is feeling left out so don’t forget to share Ian and Riley with friends who love Romance! Out now, eBook, print, audio!

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 2. Your INVITATION TO EDEN! INVITATION TO EDEN GIVEAWAY! SIGN UP for your own INVITATION TO EDEN, a brand new series from 27 of the biggest names in Romance. Sign up for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a ton of awesome prizes from the authors in the series by joining our Eden Newsletter, Facebook Page, and Bookclub Page! We look forward to seeing you on the island paradise of Eden, where anything … and everything can happen!



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Question today – do you like author given FB Parties? What kind?

17 thoughts on “Monday Madness”

  1. Heck yes!!!!! I love them. I have been to many of them. They are a lot of fun. I was at the Lauren Blakely Facebook party last night. I sure hope I got lucky and won Dare to Desire from you. Love your books. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy them. They are a lot of fun and you find out more about the author and the other books they have. I really like release parties.

  3. I really enjoy FB Author parties. I have met many new authors new to me who I now auto buy their books. I may have never come across these authors if I had not attended!

  4. I really enjoy FB Author parties. I have met many new authors new to me who I now auto buy their books. I may have never come across these authors if I had not attended!

  5. I love the Facebook parties, I like it when they have guest authors on, because it is a great way to meet new authors you might not be aware of and find new books to read. Love when each author does games and giveaways too. But I would like to say, if the person playing doesn’t respond for the gift won, they have their info, and should send private message too.

  6. I do enjoy Facebook parties. You get to have great interaction with the author and other Facebook commenters.

  7. I don’t really understand Fb parties. I’ve only been to one and the author was there once on the hour and then left.

  8. Enjoyed the L & L party last night which was my first. It was a little overwhelming at times with posts coming left & right. I love meeting new authors and adding their books to my must read lists. Read Dare to Love. Dare to Desire is pre-ordered and already entered the Invitation to Eden giveaway.

  9. Fb book parties are fun because you can check back and forth all day to see what is going on with different prizes offered. It is nice when different author pop in during that day too.

  10. Well I have been really enjoying FB party, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Plus it is great fun.

  11. I have been to a few FB parties.. I like them, but then again, I don’t always have the time to get to them when they are scheduled… But they are still fun..

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