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CarlySaturdayThis past week I read a novella I just LOVED.  It’s BDSM themed but not hard core at all.  And at the heart is a love story and a man who is so hurt but just needs to learn to accept love.  It’s awesome.  Unconditional: A Masters and Mercenaries Novella by Lexi Blake.  I just LOVE this series but this novella is one of my favorites!

Another novella I adored – Kelly Jamieson’s You Really Got Me – Kelly is an auto buy for me but she really outdid herself on this one!

What are YOU reading?!

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  1. I don’t know! I just went on a book buying binge and want to read them all at once! lol Last night I finished (and loved) Seduction Under Fire by Melissa Cutler. I will probably waste much of my day trying to pick what I want to start next. Unfortunately I don’t have either one of the books you mentioned, so you just added more to my wish list. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. :snowman: I need some sunshine 😀
    Those are two titles for my wishlist now. Right now I just started Suzanne Brockman’s Do or Die and Sylvia Day’s Spellbound. Two completely different reads. Have a great weekend everyone.I can’t mention Sarah Jio enough. :cheerleader2: A new Author for me and I have since read all her books. Give her a try.
    Carol L

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Carly need to add it to my Goodreads. I’m reading Nancy Naigle’s Mint Juleps and Justice. It’s the 5th book in her Adams Grove Series

  4. Adam’s Apple and Temptation by Liv Morris. Very good read. Can’t wait for the follow up Adam’s Fall.

    • I have to fan myself every time someone mentions Hard As It Gets. Talk about an alpha male, Nick is it. Really liked the book. It was hot!

  5. I’m almost done with Perfect Together. I can’t tell you how much I love this book. I’m sad that this is the end of the Serendipidty Series but I’m glad that it’s wrapping everything up nicely and that Macy is getting her HEA as well.

  6. The Gamble by Kristen Ashley. I absolutely love the characters in this book. Her writing style is a little different for me as well as it is done from a first person standpoint. I don’t read a lot of those. Nina comes from England to Colorado to take a break from her fiance and decide if he is really the one she wants to spend her life with. Except the cabin she rented is occupied when she gets there by Max. Sparks fly as they attempt to settle their differences. Of course, they are attracted to one another. Throw in a host of other intriguing characters and I was hooked.

  7. Finished Axel by Harper Sloan last night and started Cage, book 2. Hot, hot hot series. Good story lines too.

  8. :snoopydance: congrats on getting into penn state! that is awesome! 🙂 going to college is not easy!
    as for what book im reading not so much this week the flu kicked my butt!!

  9. Congrats for your daughter getting into Penn state. I hope you are having fun at Disney, my favorite place to go.

  10. Congrats on Penn State for your daughter! Met Penn State folks years ago when they were in Birmingham to beat Alabama!! Really nice folks!

    Reading Fashion Victim by GT Herren

  11. I have that novella to read but at the moment I am re-reading a LaVeryle Spencer book entitled Enchanted.

  12. After hearing my aunt and sis-in-law rave about the Outlander series for years, I am finally trying it. Just finished Endless Night by Kresley Cole.

  13. :wave: I just finished a lovely novel called Finding Mother by Anne Allen and I will be reading a novel called Lunden’s Game by Robert D. Rose. :woot:

  14. I’m just about to start Perfect Together, I have loved this series so much, hope you have any amazing Saturday 🙂

  15. Just finished the Backstage Pass series from Olivia Cunning. It was a 5 book series that I thoroughly enjoyed. Starting Hope Flames by Jaci Burton today. I love her books too. I have read most of Kelly Jamieson too. I will have to check that book out. I have some many authors that I love to read that between my paperbacks and Nook, my library is at about 500 books at the moment. I used to take my books to a resale store, but now I keep them all and just share them with my friends. This gives them a chance to be introduced to new authors and I get them hooked too. :leaves: *

  16. I;m reading this wonderful book by an outstanding author: Perfect Together by Carly Phillips. Oh, right, that’s you!!!

  17. No reading for me this weekend. Gotta get snow out of the driveway and off the roof. Still working on Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

  18. Just finished Accidental Seal and Seal Encounter(Boxed set 1)by Sharon Hamilton. Already started Fallen Seal Legacy. Like to read connected books close together.
    HELP!! Can’t figure out how to move the icons from their group and into my postings.

  19. Just finished Out to Lunch by Stacey Ballis. So sweet. Next on my list is Melting the Ice by Jaci Burton and Perfect Together by you know who! 8)

  20. :alien: This guy has so much energy. I am reading Mary Burton’s “Merciless”. I found a few of her books and decided see how she writes.
    I have enjoyed her style and characters.

  21. Booth books sound good. Have to add to my to read list. :reading:

    Right now I’m reading Tease by Missy Johnson. I recommend that you need to :readthebook:

  22. :yourock: Thanks for the tip. I am reading Wyoming Bold by Diana Palmer it is really good too. :cheerleader2:

  23. Can I also say that I love this way of communicating with you. It feels like a never ending conversation. I look forward to every email with a new blog post.

  24. Congrats to your daughter for getting into Penn State.

    I just finished Only the Good Die Young by Chris Marie Green and Perfect Together.

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