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If you used to follow me on the Plotmonkeys Blog, you’ll know I am infamous for horror travel stories. 24 hours to get to Reno, stranded in Chicago, an hour and a half trip to a hotel in Denver that should only have been a five minute trip from the airport … well yesterday I came home from Florida and I am happy to say it was DRAMA FREE! :snoopydance: Who knew I was capable? Just had to share that, LOL!

Other news … while away (it was school break so we were in Florida with family), I finished DARE TO DESIRE (4/10/14). Whoop! It involved 8-10 hour days but Alex and Madison are in the hands of my copy editor! Closer to being ready for you!

All that said, I’m beat! So I guess I’ll just ask a couple of unrelated questions …
1. Did you used to be a Plotmonkeys visitor or are you brand new to me blogging?
2. Are you a lucky or unlucky traveler?

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  1. I did follow you on Plot Monkeys. We love to travel and have been in Denver several times. The new Denver airport is 40 miles from Denver and is much further than the old one was. We love the Denver Zoo. My husband’s brother and family live in Loveland, CO. We plan to travel to CA later this year via our 5th wheel RV. We are usually good travelers.

  2. I am new to your blog.
    I am unlucky traveler. When I was a child we never went on a vacation when my dad did not get a speeding ticket. We always had to budget money for one.

  3. I joined your blog when you set it up a couple of months ago.

    For the most part, I have been very lucky when traveling.

  4. I previously followed you on plotmonkeys and then move to your blog when you told me to – LOL!
    We are usually drama free when it comes to traveling but have had our share of disasters:

    the blizzard on St Patrick’s Day around 7 or 8 years ago – we were staying in Paradise Island at the Atlantis and were supposed to check out that morning. Luckily my husband went down to get coffee early and saw all the newscasts. He called up to the room; I called the airline; they said we were canceled for a couple of days so I changed our tickets, called the front desk and told them weneeded to stay a few extra nights which they accomodated us for and didn’t switch our room which they originally tried to. When we went to breakfast all these people were crying they couldn’t lelave but had nowhere to stay since they had already checked out.

    Another time my son and I were traveling back to NY from AZ. Got rerouted to Dallas or Chicago when we got to the one telling us we’d have a better shot of getting into NY. We took the other plane (no charge luckily) then were told the last of the flights to NY had left due to weather in NY. We kept going from gate to gate to no avail. Finally someone that had seen us trudging and had been trudging along with us said “weren’t you waiting to get on a plane to NY” when I said yes she said they just opened up a gate and a plane only for those of us going to LaGuardia (no announcement mind you – guess they didn’t want a stampede). When we got there the line was huge but someone told me to go to the front and ask. Our names were listed and we were good to go – finally got home around 2am on a Monday morning and my son headed off to school a few hours later.

  5. I am new to your blog, was never on plot monkey (don’t even know what it is) and I am usually a lucky traveller but this week my luck ran out. My plane got a flat tire, we were delayed for 6 hours, missed connections and all kind of fun in between. But we are home now and all is well that ends well!

  6. I’m new to you blogging Ms. Carly and I guess I’m a pretty lucky traveler. Of course, I do *not* fly, not anymore, and I’m pretty careful about weather watching when I do drive somewhere, so I suppose it’s mostly because I have control when I “trip” somewhere…lol. Lessons learned I suppose…

  7. I followed you from the Plotmonkeys’ blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a somewhat lucky with travel. Get a delay for weather when flying every once in a while, but not for most trips. I tend to drive if the location is within driving distance, and listen to books the entire time.

  8. I am me to your blog. Love reading it, by the way. It amazes me all you and other author’s do for their readers. And you still manage to crank out such wonderful books. I just finished Perfect Together and loved it. Will you ever revisit Serendipity? Maybe in a novella some time? I am not much of a traveller. I have back problems which make it difficult for me to sleep in a bed and not many motels have recliners.

  9. I was a Plotmonkey visitor for a long time and just followed you to your new blog.

    I can’t say I’ve had any traveling issues. Usually it is pretty uneventful.

    The only time I can think of an issue was on our Honeymoon. We flew into Miami, FL to catch a flight to Antigua. As we were getting off the plane my husband realized his wallet was gone. We searched the plane and all around the gate and didn’t find it. We ended up losing $200 in cash. Thankfully I had the travelers checks. It was a crappy way to start off a Honeymoon but at least we were still able to go.

  10. I actually knew you had the plotmonkeys blog, but really only followed you on facebook. However, I subscribed to this blow and I am very much enjoying it! I’m working on owning all of your books! I only have one left! (Besides the books that you have not released yet!)

  11. I was a plotmonkey follower from the beginning until the plotmonkey site closed the door. I then came over to your new blog. ๐Ÿ˜€
    As far a flying I have been lucky (knock on wood)but riding in a car I suffer from motion sickness. I can’t sit in the back seat, I have to look straight ahead and no reading while moving. If I am the driver I am okay.

  12. I did follow you on PlotMonkey’s and am glad to continue to follow you here and on FB. Like you I can turn an easy trip into my own lil nightmare!

  13. I followed Plot Monkeys and loved it. I was a good luck with air travel until this past Sunday. Had a rough 24 hours when I got stranded in Houston. Spent the night there and got back yesterday. All good but I wanted to be home sooner rather than later.

  14. I used to follow you on Plot monkeys, following you here now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love to travel, some stories but most recent we drive to Orkando from Illinois, traffic was horrendous (hubby, driver) says. I was reading and watching movies so didn’t notice lol, was going to get as far as we could and stop fit the night. We pulled off and no room at this hotel. They gave me the number for the next one (Hilton properties, since we get points for that). Pulled my soft wallet out to make reservations, hubby was driving around lot – no parking available.. Made reservation drove the 44 miles. Husband checked in and they asked him if he lost his wallet. He said no and came out and asked me if I had my wallet. Nope so back we went 88 mile round trip got to bed around 2am. Fortunately they did remember us – an honest lady saw it right after we left and gave it to the front desk. Front desk clerk called ahead to tell them and everything was untouched and there. Thank goodness!

  15. Unfortunately, I started following PlotMonkeys shortly before it’s demise. I have to admit, though, that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog comments about whatever subject you choose! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your travel stories are hilarious — only because they aren’t happening to me… ๐Ÿ™‚ I traveled a lot when I worked for the Air Force and with another company. I was lucky to never run into any issues with luggage, layovers, bad weather, etc. Traveling nowadays? Nah, I’ll stick to road trips… WAY less hassle! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I did follow the Plot Monkeys and i am so glad you continue to blog here. I don’t travel much. I am a list maker, so if anything doesn’t fall into place I feelost. Not much of a “go with the flow” kind of traveler.

  17. I didn’t fallow you on plot monkeys till right befor it ended, I didn’t know about it ๐Ÿ™ now for the most part I’m not unlucky but we did have one really unlucky drive back to Iowa from North Carolina. When we were driving though Illinois to Indiana I can’t remember which one, it was 1:00 in the morning my mom and my 6year old we’re watching a DVD and I was sleeping in the back, my husband was driving and my dad was in the front with him. All of a sudden i hear “holy shit!” And then a loud thunk. My husband hit a huge raccoon, the guys said it was the size of a medium dog. It hit so hard it tore out part of our tansmission. So at 1:00 in the morning, the tranny is cracks, fluid drained from it and we are stranded on the side of a dead highway… We had to call a tow truck from one town but the nearest hotel was in a different town. We found out the people in that town were the nicest people ever. The hotel gave us a room really cheap, the car rental place only charged us half price so my dad could drive around and get stuff to fix the tranny enough to get home, and the tow truck driver drove us out of his way to take us to the hotel and didn’t charge us, they had to have a cop there and he drove my husband daughter and I to the hotel and turned to sirens and lights on for my daughter lol. Horrible trip but nicest people!

  18. I followed you on plot monkeys. The last time I wasoffered to get bumped to the next flight. They offered travel vouchers but I wanted to get home and I made a great friend on the plane.

  19. So glad you had some drama free traveling! Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I did visit Plotmonkeys but I didn’t discover you there. I began reading your books a while back and somehow came upon Plotmonkeys. I also liked you on FB and I believe that’s where I found out about your blog now. Yes, ๐Ÿ˜ณ Im almost stalking you huh? lol

  20. I followed you on plot monkeys and my travel issues always happen when I break rule one and travel in the Midwest in winter. This year I went to Ohio, Ashtabula Ohio and got caught in a white out taking my Godmother home after a lunch date. We could not see the road! At all! If it were not for the mail boxes, I think we would have gone in the ditch. But at least we knew we were still on a road!!

  21. I have had some nightmare trips and some good ones so I guess normally I am lucky! When it goes wrong, it really goes wrong! We were in Pittsburgh, PA one time. We had an early morning appointment for my son. Went to try and find the route the night before. I was at a red light and when it turned green I had 5 lanes of traffic coming at me! I pulled over and a policeman pulled up and said “are you lost?”. I told him no I did this for entertainment! My husband was trying to crawl under the dash! The nice policeman laughed and lead to where I was trying to go. Helped a little in the morning but not much!

  22. I started following you on PM just before it was closed and I’m so glad you kept up the blog. I seldom have problems traveling but had a really nice travel another lifetime ago. I had a new job transfer from WA to WY and had gone on a house hunting trip. I found a house quickly and rather than stay in WY I changed my ticket to a day earlier and upgraded to first class (first and last time I’ve ever done that!) My seatmate was a geologist who lived in Alaska, the nicest man ever. When he found out I had a new job and new house he ordered champagne and we talked about the earthscape the entire trip. I was headed home when we landed in Seattle but he was changing planes quickly to head for Alaska. Just as I was getting my luggage I heard “Let’s have a drink before you leave” over my shoulder. He had rescheduled his flight and we not only had a drink we had dinner . . . and talked some more. We never exchanged addresses or telephone numbers but I have to tell you it was the best flight and after, EVER!

  23. I spent a week in Chicago one night going from Boston to San Jose. They have a large hall that they set up cots with blankets and mini pillows for stranded travelers. The have 4 airport police officers so that you can sleep and hopefully no one will steel your stuff. Problem being they don’t turn off the automated warnings about leaving your bags unattended so you just nod off and get blasted. Secondly they kick you out at 4am but nothing opens till 8. The nice thing they do is give you a little goody bag with a tooth brush, tooth paste, and anything you would need to freshen up. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  24. I used to look at Plotmonkeys, not very often tho — and I just left a hotel in Orlando at 11:45 am and got home to Baltimore, MD at 11:00 PM!! Usually a couple of hours max!!
    Darn snow!

  25. Used to follow you on Plot Monkeys, and follow all of your posts here! follow you on facebook and Twitter too!
    I am a somewhat lucky traveler..so lucky that when I was in Florida recently, and scheduled to come home to NJ the evening before snowmageden, just about every flight was cancelled except mine!!! And my husband and I were hoping to get cancelled and stay a few days longer!

  26. I used to read Plot Monkeys daily. I am generally a lucky traveler but sometimes there has been issues with car rentals…

  27. Loved the Plotmonkeys, and am enjoying your solo blog. Most of the time, my travels are uneventful. There have been a few “events” over the years. Visiting DisneyWorld on our honeymoon and hitting a deer on the first night.(Wrecked the rental car.) Going to Atlantic City and having husband’s wallet stolen from the room by hotel staff. Traveling with in-laws and having my mil get stuck in a restroom stall. (I had to crawl under the door to get her out.) So happy you had good travels this time.

  28. I too was a Plot Monkey follower, and I’ve had a few trips from HELL! But even a bad trip can be a good memory! <3

  29. I am a past plot monkeys viewer. I haven’t traveled via airplane in 10 years so I don’t have very many good stories. that will change in May.

  30. I visited Plotmonkeys daily but did not always comment. I’m hoping I’m a lucky traveler, especially since I leave tomorrow for a long weekend in Northern California/San Francisco area. It’s not for fun as we are attending a memorial service for my husband’s brother, who died last month. On the bright side, the temps will be at least 50 – 60 degrees warmer than here in Minnesota. :brrr:

  31. Plot Monkeys person. And if you are ever stranded in Chicago again, send me a message! I’ll come pick you up since I’m 20 minutes away from Ohare! Or the Blue Line to hubby’s office and he will bring you to me! LOL

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