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Really exciting news! You can NOW PREORDER the next two books in the DARE TO LOVE series!

Dare to Desire – Alex and Madison’s story is available NOW for preorder at both Amazon & iBooks!

Dare to Surrender/ Invitation to Eden is available NOW for EXCLUSIVE preorder at iBooks!

Now a summary of how and when to get/buy/preorder the books in the DARE TO LOVE SERIES:
1. Dare to Love – available everywhere online in eBook and paperback now! Buy links at carlyphillips.com
2. Dare to Desire – available for preorder at both iBooks & Amazon – links in another post on this page and at carlyphillips.com
3. Dare to Surrender – available for preorder only at iBooks right now.

NOTE – ALL BOOKS IN THE SERIES will be available in eBook and paperback online ON THE DAY OF RELEASE so if you can’t preorder at your retailer of choice now, you WILL be able to purchase the books when they’re on sale. Check graphic or page header for release dates!


Dare to Love – in Audio!

Dare to Love – possibly in large print! Working on that as we speak!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: For those of you who still read in print only – HOW DO YOU PURCHASE YOUR BOOKS?

1. Online only – they come in the mail

2. In Bookstores only – which ones? Are you willing to order online if you can’t get my books any other way?

3. Whatever you want to tell me about this subject!





  1. 1. I order online at the Barnes & Noble booksite and I go to the Barnes & Noble Book Store when I want a book in paperback. I also sometimes order from the author’s blog.

    2. If I could only get books online, I would definitely still order them, but it would be a shame if bookstores went out of business. Sometimes it is just fun to go to the bookstore and check out all the different books from all the authors. I could spend hours in a bookstore.

    3. Since it is more convenient to order books and ebooks online, I have ordered more often. My husband sees more books around the house, or more in my ereader, but he knows that this is my favorite hobby. I used to stop once a week at the bookstore, but unfortunately, they closed it. Now I only go about once a month since it is less convenient to get there. Either way, I will continue to buy books and ebooks of my favorite authors. It doesn’t matter how I purchase them, as long as I can get their books.


  2. I’m trying to exclusively go digital (unless I win a signed copy, lol). I still can’t figure out how to do the digital signed thing). I keep the physical books in a safe place and reada digital copy.

  3. I get them from both- again wherever is cheapest or the only place I can find it… lol.. when you gotta have it, you gotta have it…


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