6 days until my baby leaves for college. I’m in countdown mode. I’m sad. Yes, I want her to go away and have the best experience and years of her life.  But at the same time, I’ve done this before and things change. They don’t come home the same people they were when they left. Intellectually I know this is a good thing. They grow up, become independent, learn to navigate the world. She’ll still be my baby in my heart but she won’t be a baby anymore. SNIFF!

Me and my two girls at our dual graduation party this past Thursday:


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  1. Beautiful picture! One of the Hardest things a Mom has to do it let her babies leave the nest so they can learn to fly! :heart:

  2. Our granddaughter will start Kindergarten in mid August and they have something at the school for those parents called a “Boo Hoo Breakfast” so, perhaps you could start a new tradition with college parents who will be learning to become empty nesters….a “Bye-Bye Baby Breakfast” or the 4 “B’s” to cover each year of college???? Just a thought 🙂 LOL

  3. Wow so early to be leaving for college. Is she taking summer classes? Play a sport? Is it orientation and then she’ll be home to the official start of school?
    My son went to college in St Louis – we live in CT. It was great to see him grow into adulthood with the values we gave him. He graduated a year ago and his job (in his major) is also back in CT so he is home once again and for the most part I’m loving it!
    Enjoy your last 6 days of her before she starts her new adventure. Make some additional memories!

  4. very special picture; it is rough but we all survive that first time of “abandonment”!! beautiful daughters; you are blessed. as a parent of 2 boys-not easy.
    i am in countdown mode also-96 hours and counting til i go to delaware to see my granddaughters. 2 1/2 and for first bday! haven’t been to delaware since oct. we all have our different anxiety this week. drink next week when the “normalcy” returns!! safe travels for you and your family

  5. When my daughter left for college I thought she would move back home when she was finished. That didn’t happen she moved into an apartment. I remember how sad I was. I know exactly how you feel.

  6. Three of my four left to live on campus while #4 lives at home while in college. Of the three, 2 have moved back, moved out & moved back in again. Yes they have changed by becoming their own person which I am glad for. Now if only some people could find good paying jobs!!!

  7. :hug: Carly! She will always be your baby no matter what. I have to say I’m super impressed with her school choice and know she’ll do awesome. I went to a small school and can’t imagine going to a school the size of Penn St.

  8. You ladies look beautiful in your graduation picture.

    And, like you said, You don’t want them to come home the same, if they did you’ve wasted your money invested in their education.

    We have student workers and our students here at the Business School and it’s amazing how they change over 4 years. As freshmen, they start off giving presentations looking at cards and using the words “uh”, “ah” and such. And as seniors giving presentations they are well versed in not using said words. They are critiqued not only by professors but outside professionals that are brought in for this purpose. I love to see how they mature and grow.

    Your daughter will be back before you know it.

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