The Things We Do For Love

If you follow my FB Fan Page you know  I spent last night at the Metropolitan Golf Writer’s Association National Award Dinner with my husband. A golfer. By now you must know I am not an outdoor girl. I don’t play sports. I don’t like being outside in the heat. And yet here I am, writing today’s blog on my iPhone while Nancy Lopez, Fred Couples and others speak. My husband supports my writing emotionally and in his silent way. He isn’t one of the husbands who is my assistant, he doesn’t come to conferences, or read my books. So why am I here? Because I love him and he loves me. We just show it differently. In other words, the things we do for love! LOL. So today’s blog isn’t all that exciting because by the time I get home it’ll be too late to remember.  But it’s a blog, LOL!

12 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love”

  1. We all do things we don’t necessarily like all in the name of love. My husband listens when I tell him someone commented positively on a review I’ve written. He also let’s things slide around the house like cooking dinner because I worked later than I should have at my job.
    I support him by watching sports – can’t be avoided in my house or going to the golf course and reading while he’s on the driving range or playing nine holes.
    All in the name of love – guess it’s working. We’re married 33 years in July and dated for 5 years before that before we married!

    • Marriage, long term marriages, that is, tend to be all about compromise. My hubby and I have been married 47 years and that is one thing that both of us have learned to do. He from Iran so talk about compromise! I am also very strong willed when I know something should be one way and sometimes I have to step back and let him experience failure. It seems to be working as we are still together.

  2. 😯 I hate to admit failure but I’ve been married twice. First walked out on me and three kids. When you have three kids, even little ones, you have to learn to compromise. He never learned that lesson. Second had such a different agenda for marriage that I was blind sided, again, no compromise, and I left. Wish I was one of those saints who’s been married for years and years. That’s what I expected when I married the first time. Now I won’t even consider the institution. :batlash:

  3. Nice! Hey, at least you thought of something to keep you occupied, right? 😀 I usually attend computer conferences…I mean, do I REALLY need to know about 3-D printers???? Sigh. The things we do for love…

  4. Wonderful blog. And, we all do things in the name of love, just not as husband and wife per se. I’ve went to a concert of someone who I really don’t care for as a singer. Why? Because my sisters and brother were going and I was invited. They enjoyed this singer and I went along for them. So, yes, the things we do for love….There is a song about that by 10cc

  5. Compromise seems to be the word of the day and that’s what we have always done. I’m not a sports person either nor do I do the great outdoors especially in the Summer because heat makes me physically ill so, he does his golf thing , watches his sports, etc. and leaves me to read and cross-stitch. So far, so good and it’s 42 yrs., 2 children and 5 grandchildren so in our minds, we are blessed beyond words for God has really taken care of us and all of our needs especially when you go through the realities of life.

  6. The things we do for love… I’m not a sports fan like my husband is, but I’ll watch or go to a game with him

  7. That 10cc song automatically started playing in my head! Yes, compromise is a good thing. We do some things together, and some things not, but we support each other. I can actually read a book on the back of a Goldwing, or in the sidecar!

  8. My husband changed out weekend away so we can go see dwts and have a meet and greet with Maks and Val. Yes, I’m a lucky girl.

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