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No I’m not changing another cover!!!!! At least not now LOL. But that brings me to a question. Does it bother you when authors change covers? Or do you read eBooks and not care so much. I know Dare to Love had a total of 3 covers before I felt i got the series tone “right”. And I’ve gone back and forth on Kismet (now The Playboy’s Second Chance b/c the title Kismet confused people) … and in the end went back to the one of the original covers – because that book doesn’t seem to catch on with readers, so I kept trying. So I know authors often have reasons. But how do you as readers feel about cover changes?

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  1. It can be confusing when you release a book with one cover, and after that you change it. Not once I thought it was a new book. I understand the need to change the cover if you have hard cover book and paperback. But changing it during the same edition… If you picked one, stick with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I don’t mind the cover changing as much as the title which I have seen happen several times.
    I enjoy looking at the various covers that authors/editors think represent the book.

  3. I’m ok with cover changes but it’s the title changes that get me. It never fails, I’ll see a new title from an author I read so I immediately get it only to start it and find out that I read it a while back under another name. It’s frustrating and I know that it’s not done to sell more books but it sure can look that way, especially if it doesn’t say somewhere prominently that it was previously titled something else.

  4. I’m an e-reader so it doesn’t matter as much to me. The title change does, but not the cover change. I don’t mind seeing the different covers. It’s all eye candy to me.

  5. i don’t mind it but I find it very confusing. Especially if I’m at a place like Target and it looks like a new book. Sometimes if it’s been awhile since I’ve read the book; I purchase the one on the shelf thinking that its new again.

  6. i agree with the above comments. for books, changing the cover can be confusing; just as confusing when authors use the same titles. i wish authors, when they re-release a book and do change the cover-clearly mark on the cover “re-release” like “first time in print”. as for e-books-i have the old kindle and the covers appear in black and white so it doesn’t matter to me. most times the covers are not “clear as book covers” anyways.

  7. this doesn’t have to do with covers BUT to add to my above comments-i get very upset when i purchase an e-book at one price, and then month or two later, it is “on sale” for lesser. for those of us now on a fixed income,(through no fault of mine) those $2 or $3 add up. there is a used book store locally and i prefer to wait and get a “preread” book, that usually looks like new, for $2.00 ($7.99 less their 50$off less points i get for returning books-that equals 50%). understand authors need to be paid for their wonderful stories, but changing prices of e-books is not keeping a fan happy. sorry to be so long

  8. Yes! Cover changing usually changes the synopsis of the story as well and if the book has changed publishers as well the copyright info also. I now am purchasing ebooks and you can’t even find the copyright information. You need to let people know because some of us have been some of the same authors from the beginning.

  9. I’ve often wondered if the writer is included in the process of selecting a book cover as I feel there have been several covers that don’t seem to match the story. I’ve noticed this with several of the writers that I read. It must be difficult to choose as you have to please a huge following to maintain interest in your books.

  10. My only complaint about a cover/title change is if when I read the back of the book & don’t recognize the book as one I have already read, this happens more often that would like to admit-I am getting older and have read so many books over the years. But I understand the reasoning behind the changes.

  11. To add my comments to those above…Cover changes is not an issue with me, but TITLE CHANGE is a big issue for me!! I read based upon favorite author list and if I see a title I don’t recognize then I think this is a new book and I am ready to purchase it. I have purchased books that are re-issues under a new title and that is a waste of my limited book budget. So TITLE CHANGE is a BIGGEE with me!! I purchase only e-books now so if the title is not changed but it is a re-issue then Amazon will let me know I have already purchased this book. I don’t want to waste my limited book budget and not be able to purchase a favorite author’s new book. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I agree with Joanne. It’s nice to see the progression and also how society influences the changes.

  13. It can be confusing especially if you change the title also. Do understand why it might be necessary, but hate thinking it’s a new book to find it’s just a reissue. :jackolantern:

  14. It doesn’t really bother me. I don’t buy a book because of the cover. But I do hate when the cover models look absolutely nothing like what’s described in the book. That drives me crazy. For example…if the main characters are described as having blonde hair and cover has black. I read one where her hair was supposed to be fire red and the model had blonde.

  15. Don’t mind the cover changes…authors have been doing that for fuhevah, right? But I’m with most folks: changing a title makes it sticky. Now, when you changed Kismet, you made sure we all knew it was a title change. I mean, you truly announced it EVERYWHERE so that is good for me! It helps that I wouldn’t buy it twice; thank you for that. However, the title changes when someone re-releases a book, AND the publisher doesn’t say anything? That is troublesome because invariably I buy it twice. So I thank you for making sure we know whassup and you change a cover as many times as you need to until YOU are happy with it! And thank you for always keeping us in the loop.

    P.S. I LIKED Kismet/whatever you want to call it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Most of the time I don’t care. The only one that ever bothered me was Sawyer Bennett changed Off the Record. I bought this book based on the cover alone. I thought the model was gorgeous and didn’t even matter what the story was about. The cover just really caught my eye. When it was changed, it is still the same cover model picture but the coloring isn’t as eye catching to me. I don’t know if I would have still bought it. I’m glad I did buy the book because back then Sawyer Bennett was just starting out and I have grown to love her books.

  17. I don’t care about the covers,. Changing the title without letting the readers know bugs me & makes me think I haven’t read it already.

  18. changes in covers have often fooled me into thinking that it is a different book so I buy it then after a few pages I find that I have already read it, bums me out

  19. I read print books so I prefer the covers to stay the same – sometimes the covers are easier to recognize than the titles – just depends.

  20. I have eBooks, but mostly I have paperbacks, so cover changes can be confusing. But as long as the back cover says the samething, then I’m fine with it.

  21. I’m an ebook reader but if the cover doesn’t catch my attention when I’m looking for something to order I’ll probably pass it by. I have ordered some books that the cover stopped me dead in my tracks, the description sounded like it was something I’d enjoy, and then the book was a dud. No Carly, they weren’t any of yours LOL!! :clap:

  22. My choice of books hasn’t changed much from paperback to ebooks. I use the cover and the publisher’s or author’s blurb. But, I agree that title changes, without giving the previous title, is more than annoying. The covers are not as important because I have found too many covers that don’t match the books–wrong style of clothing for the time period, wrong color hair.

  23. I don’t mind cover changes as people have stated but changing titles kills me when I buy the same book twice. I only read ebooks and I read alot so when they change synopsis it confuses me.

  24. Title changes confuse me. Rereleasing a book with a few extra scenes totally upsets me. Cover changes do not bother me.

  25. I don’t mind cover changes or re-issues of books. What I do mind is when a book is re-issued under a new name but the author, publisher or vendor doesn’t tell you it’s the same book as such and such but with a new name. I wish ALL authors or publishers would do as Nora Roberts has started doing. She now puts on the front cover or the jacket for a hardback book that it is the first time in print. She came up with an emblem that she puts right on the front of the book to let you know it’s a “New-Never Before in Print” book. I really, REALLY wish all authors would do that. So many times I have bought a book I have already read or have simply because I didn’t know it was a re-issue with a new cover or name. This is just my opinion.

  26. I only mine when I have been a long time reader of a writer and they put a new cover on a reissue then I buy it again and find I already own it and read it years ago :flamey:

  27. It doesn’t bother me as much now as it did when I was younger, because even with the unbelievable amount of books I have read, I used to be able to remember if I had read it by just the cover and title. Now that I am getting a bit (cough, cough) older, I might have to do a bit of skimming through to see if I have read it. It used to drive me up a wall to buy a book only to find out in the first couple of pages that I had already read it.

  28. I’m really not a fan of cover changes. I can understand why if it’s not showing/conveying what the books is meant to be about but as a lover of print books, I just don’t have money to collect the new covers like you can do and it’s disappointing to see a favorite book from a favorite author get rebranded. I usually tend to enjoy the covers the first go around anyways

  29. Though some are truly interesting, in the seventies and eighties the covers were sometimes very diapointing. I tend to buy a book by specific authors or by recommendations.

  30. I would prefer covers and titles to not change but I understand that sometimes they have to. It makes it a lot easier if the author or publisher clearly states that it’s not a new book.

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