So I’m going to a lot of conferences this year and I know I need to have goodies made.  I rather do generic ones than book-oriented ones because that way I can order in bulk and not worry they’ll go out of date.  So I brainstormed a new descriptive tag line for my books … I think you’ll like this one.  Incorporates the current series without dating the items.  Ready?


And of course I wanted my familiar logo, so I turned the fabulous Su, at Earthly Charms and VOILA!

Now I can’t wait to see what she does with it in actual items.  Those haven’t been designed yet.  So what do you all think? You like? I think it’s very … ME!

56 thoughts on “DARE TO WANT MORE …”

  1. Love that couple on the bottom of the ‘heart’. It’s totally you and your books. Good work Su!

  2. I love it! That is exactly what I am doing in my life, no one should settle. Everyone should “Dare to want more”!

  3. I love it and it can stand the test of time. Besides it’s classy and simple. Can’t wait to see it on all your swag. :wave:

  4. Love it. I really wanted to win the bag but wasn’t chosen. Hope you make it to San Diego, so I can get one.

  5. :present: AWESOME Carly :thewinner:
    I can see a CHARM of your logo ~ could be upscaled to a necklase or down scaled like a key chain dangle would be a keeper!

    💡 How about a lanyard with a dangle on the key ring. You know the ones with square jewels (pink in your case) on the neck strap for special giveaways :hug:

  6. I love your logo with the new tag line. I think it is very inspiring. Looking forward to seeing the wonderful swag you have made with it.

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