Rumor Has it & Brady Speaks

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So sorry today’s post is late.  Carly’s still sick.  Today may be my day here but I need her to get it all written out, you know? Rumor has it, and I can’t prove it, and she won’t admit it, but Carly once spoke to a pet psychic. (snicker).  Point is, from this, I understand Carly took this one point: Every dog has its purpose and eventually they figure out what it is.  Okay laughing aside, this makes sense.  I’m a cuddler.  She needs cuddling.  Often.  (Needy human).  Which is OK since I happen to need it back. But Buddy was a cuddler too and Bailey is … to put it nicely, NOT.  So that’s my job.  Apparently.

But I have some other jobs today too.

1. The winner of the TONI BLAKE ARC is: # 84 – Tracy Samuels!

Congratulations! Tracy, please contact Toni at:  toni blake contests @ gmail.com  with your address to claim your prize!

2. Once again, rumor has it Carly may be unveiling a new fun version of her logo tomorrow … so stay tuned and come back again in the morning!

Let’s hear it. What do you think of the rumor has it comment? Do you believe people can communicate with pets psychically? (is that a word?) Or take it a step further, is there other world communication? Once again, rumor has it … Carly believes.

25 thoughts on “Rumor Has it & Brady Speaks”

  1. I believe rumor has it. When I had a dog, he knew when I was upset and tried to comfort me until I was feeling better. He never left my side until he sensed everything was okay. On the other hand, he thought he was my boss and that I was there to brush, feed, and walk him when he wanted me to. lol Gotta love dogs. 🙂

  2. I also believe the rumor. Our late, but great, Nutsy, was very good at known when we were sick, when we were upset, when something was very wrong. She always stayed with us until we were well or until the crisis was over.

  3. I believe we communicate with our dogs. My wonderful Bichon curls up right next to me when I’m stressed or not feeling well. He waits outside of the bathroom while I shower to protect me and never leaves my side. In turn, he expects a treat for his loyalty along with a good run and tummy scratch!

  4. Oh I hope Carly is feeling better real soon and like the perfect pup you are you will cuddle her and ofcourse make her feel all better! I truly believe our dogs/pets can communicate and feel for their human pets! My Maggie is 10 years old and she can definitely tell when I need her around. Blessesd we are to have our 4 legged buddies!

  5. Yes, I believe. I don’t know what I would do without our little mini zoo! Sometimes I am amazed at the different personalities of each one!

  6. Pets are very perceptive. they just know when you need a cuddle, and when something is askew.
    Feel better soon!

  7. I hope Carly feels better soon. And, even though I don’t have a pet, I do believe that they can and do offer comfort to thier human masters.

  8. Hope you are feeling better. Take care. We miss you.
    We have to believe that we can communicate with our pets about what we are feeling, otherwise what are our therapy, PTSD, and other service dogs doing? They obviously can sense our moods and feelings.

  9. The jury is still out for me for communicating with any soul who has left this world.
    Congrats Tracy…

  10. Yes, Dogs know…when you don’t feel good, happy, sad, in pain….they just know & are so good for you.

  11. Totally believe – my baby knows when my husband or I aren’t feeling good and give us extra attention and also know when we say time for bed and if we are up too late, she’ll come to us and then head for the door as if to say “come on, it’s past time for bed”

  12. Brady, I am so glad to hear that you are a cuddler. I am like Carly, a very needy human. I lost my Bridgette (she was a great cuddler) 5 months ago and I am getting two new little ones at the end of the month. I am hoping that at least one of them is a going to be cuddler.
    You take care of our girl while she is feeling bad. 😀

  13. Congrats to Tracy! Personally, I don’t believe in pet psychics which is funny as I do believe in psychics overall.

  14. Get well soon, but make sure you are better before you tackle the world again. Relapses tend to last longer!

  15. I don’t know about Pet Psychics but who am I to question? I DO believe, however, that pets understand you and sometimes, you can understand them. Really good communication mostly happened with our first two cats but I haven’t had as “good” communication with the other 4 that followed. The fourth, and current, cat mostly chucks me the paw but that independence is why I love ’em! :boxing:

  16. Get well! Brady needs a cuddle. At least he’s small enough to fit in your lap. Rosie likes to sit on my lap and cuddle and at 70+ lbs, that’s a real challenge. :nnedhug:

  17. Get better quickly Carly. YES I believe we can speak with animals. I live on a farm and all the animals speak to me and I speak to them. Doesn’t take a mind reader to know what they want. My cat can speak to me with a look and one look usually says volumes! Like what a poor excuse for a human I am because her bowl isn’t always full. She is also a cuddler when it suits her!

  18. I definitely believe in the rumor!! My pet communicates with me often – both living and passed. Also, my pup is a real snuggler. He curls up into a tight ball and must lean against someone. His snuggling is why we got him.

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