Depression – RIP Robin Williams

There is nothing else to talk about today except this. Earlier this afternoon, the world lost Robin Williams, a brilliant comedian, a man who brought humor and love to all, but most importantly his family lost someone who mattered greatly to them. Who they loved. We’ll never know why things played out as they did but the news said Robin Williams had been struggling with depression recently. I’m so sad about his death, but knowing people come here to this blog, I feel I need to use this space to remind people: YOU DON’T NEED TO SUFFER ALONE. And I’m posting tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow morning like I usually do.

Back in March 2014, I posted a blog called THE TRUTH about my own struggles with depression. You can click on the link to read it. As I look back at that blog, I realize I hid that truth behind the title. You had to read it to know what it was about. Today I want people to know there is someplace to call if you are depressed, lonely, need someone to hear you, to LISTEN.

NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE – No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) youโ€™ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.

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  1. It is such a shame. Much thoughts and sympathies to his family. And people need to get help or OFFER to help when someone suffers from any illness. What a terrible loss to us all.

  2. Carly,

    Thank you for sharing your story. As always, you are honest and touch lives with your words. I hope this saves someone.


  3. I’ve lost my sister and cousin in the last 3 yrs to suicide and my life, my family’s lives have ever been changed. This is not something anyone wants to go through, death period, but suicide takes a toll on more than just one life, it leaves us behind feeling guilty, hurt, angry and lost.
    I have stressed since I lost my sister last year to others to please talk to someone, get help but don’t leave your loved ones behind because there is hope.

    • Sending lots of love and hugs your way, Shey! God bless! Depression and suicides also run in my family, including me. The thought of my family going through that is the only thing that has stopped me from committing suicide over the years since I was 18. As Carly mentioned in her article, medication helps, but it has to be fine tuned and changed periodically.

  4. It’s such a shame to lose anyone to depression but a talent like Robin Williams who brought light and laughter to so many will be missed.
    Thanks Carly for reminding us that there’s a lifeline available to those suffering from depression. <3

  5. I have suffered through bouts of depression for years and only my closest family members knew. It doesn’t show, it’s not obvious. It leaves you feeling hollow and heavy, and completely alone.

    Many blessings on you, Carly for being so brave. All of us who are feeling that we have to keep things wrapped up tight should take a lesson. xoxo

  6. So many of us suffer from depression and not enough of us talk about it. I will freely tell people I am on anti depressants, but to actually talk about my depression is hard. Thank you for being so willing to talk about your struggles, hopefully it will get more of us to talk about our own. I wish I could turn the clock back for everyone who has lost someone in their life to suicide so we could have the chance to talk to them… have a chance to help them.

    I hope Robin Williams has found the peace he needed. And I hope we all find our own peace within our lives, live to an old age, spend our time reading books and becoming grumpy old people!

  7. Even though I didn’t know him, I feel like I lost someone I knew. He was a part of my life starting with Mork & Mindy through his recent TV show. RIP Robin Williams. :tears:

  8. I can only imagine what he and now his family is going through. I have been struggling with PTSฤŽ since finding my 24 year old son had died in his sleep. Depression hurts the whole family. RIP Robin you will be missed. ๐Ÿ™

  9. I was floored when I heard of Robin Williams’ suicide…shook me to my core. Several years ago, my husband’s sister took her life; she was bipolar.

    Today my teen registered for the start of highschool in a couple of days. They are offering suicide training for teens to recognize the signs of suicide. It’s good but sad that it needs to be done.

    My heart and prayers go out to Robin’s family. So sad….

  10. This is so tragic. My family all suffer from depression in one form or another. It runs in the family so it is in our genes. I have been very depressed but I can’t imagine the pain someone must feel to think the only way out it suicide. My heart breaks for his family. Unfortunately they are left to deal with his decision. I have known families that have lost a family member to suicide and it is a horrible thing that they struggle with…if only, if I had, if I hadn’t, I wish, on and on. I hope the Williams family can find some peace and I hope Robin Williams is also at peace.

  11. I too suffer from depression, and it is hard. I used to fe ashamed of having depression, but I’ve learned to handle it, and I’m not afraid to let others know. I’m still in a state of shock that he’s really gone.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  12. So sad for his families.

    And, yes there are doctors and medicines that one can take. I know as I now take meds and have done so for the past 5 years.

    Please seek help!

  13. The world lost one of the best comedic actors of this generation. So much talent and to have to leave this earth because of depression and drugs. Sad very, very sad. Rest in Peace Robin Williams

  14. I too suffer from depression. With it comes feelings of hopelessness, like you’re worthless. I lost all confidence in myself and often have panic attacks. It is a terrible thing to live with. People who have never suffered with it don’t understand. It is a shame Mr. Williams felt the need to take his own life. Prayers go out to his wife and daughters.

  15. I lost my son Jan 2, 2011 when he completed suicide due to PTSD he got from his time in Iraq. Suicide is one of the hardest deaths to deal with. You don’t choose to die from cancer, or a car accident, but suicide you choose to leave and the guilt that leaves with the survivors is horrible. People say “if only he knew how many people loved him” my son and Robin Williams knew they were loved, it still didn’t help their depression, it still didn’t stop the pain and darkness they were going through. I’m sure my son and Robin knew what devastation their passing would bring to their loved ones, but that couldn’t touch the demons that they kept hidden behind their smile. My son and I talked about suicide and he promised me that if he ever felt like that he would talk to me. One night when the darkness and the pain became to difficult for him, he broke his promise. He didn’t mean to cause me such heartache, because if he had been thinking that way, he never would have done it. We need to stop treating the depressed like they have cooties, it’s not contagious, but in most cases it can be helped. Mental Health is not a weakness, it’s a cry for help, just as a Christian asks for help from God. Sometimes we all need a helping hand and we should never feel bad for that or treat others badly for needing it. RIP my darling Dane and Robin Williams, may your souls know the happiness that you both so deserve.

  16. My prayers go to the Williams family for their great loss. Depression can happen to any one no matter how rich or poor. Some of us are lucky that our family members are saved from their suicide attempts and get the help they need to get better. I always tell people not to ever say they would not try to kill themselves, because your mind can snap in an instant and you will attempt to hurt yourself.

  17. Such a sad thing to see happen to such a gifted man. His life touched many. Momemts we all will remember as years passed. Thank you Carly Phillips for this blog post and Jeannie Moon, I see your reply here also for expressing your thoughts and letting people see that depression touches everyone. There is no age,color nor economic advantages that depression doesn’t touch. Shey Houston I’m in Facebook Street Teams with you. My heartfelt condolences to you and to the others I’ve read here who have suffered losses. As a mother of a Active duty Soldier who has served many times in Iraq and Afghanistan I continue to pray for my son that he stays strong. And as a retired caseworker at many military bases I have seen how depression rears it’s ugly head. Reach out, find the help you need for there is no shame in seeking and wanting help

  18. Having been an RN for 36 yrs before I became disabled, I dealt with a lot of depressed patients. I even went thru a clinical depression when I went thru the change. So many people still consider mental illness as an excuse for alcoholism or drug addiction or just being lazy and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. I’m here to tell you it is very real and we need to stop sweeping it under the rug or being embarrassed to talk about it. We need to keep it in the forefront of topics we all consider important. So many people have lost their lives because they weren’t treated properly or were afraid to see a doctor and take the meds they needed. I loved Robin Williams and it tears me up to think that we have lost yet another spectacularly talented person to this disease. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  19. I also suffer from depression and anxiety, and those who have not suffered from it don’t understand how it feels. I am fortunate enough to have a best friend that I can talk to about anything and when I get really down I can call her and talk to her. Even family has been so flippant in saying “have you taken your meds” or “maybe you should double up”. That is so not the way to help someone who already feels down. My prayers go out to Robin’s family and friends.

  20. Carly, you are so brave for sharing your story with the world and I wish one day more people will be honest and willing to share the truth about depression.

    I hope that all the talk in the media about Robin’s death will help for people to find help and understand that they shouldn’t be ashamed because they are depressed.

    I need to take pills every day for my Thyroid and if someone else needs to take pills or talk to a psychologist to help his illness there is no difference- we both needs medical help to feel better.

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