Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

I have so many favorite Thanksgiving foods. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows and syrup, stuffing, pecan pie that’s gooey, and so much more! Today I ordered something fun instead of plain old Corn Bread. My daughters love BAKED BY MELISSA mini cupcakes … so instead of plain cornbread, I ordered 25 mini cornbread cupcakes with cream on top. YUM! Click on the link for Baked by Melissa site and on pic to see actual order page. So yummy! What is your favorite holiday food?

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21 thoughts on “Favorite Thanksgiving Food?”

  1. Mashed turnips! I admit this is the only thing I don’t make fresh but Sunnyland frozen turnips are the best.

  2. Stuffing, as well as sweet potato casserole. And what a great idea-I have a Baked by Melissa
    cupcakes in the mall by my house..I’ll see what they have!

  3. Stuffing and mashed potatoes – white or sweet.
    I could skip the turkey all together with all the delicious side dishes!


  4. My dad made me his dressing and chess pie this weekend. Both are my favorite things to eat on Thanksgiving. Have leftover chess pie and dressing in my kitchen now. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Mashed potato’s and bread stuffing. I found a great new stuffing last year on the Chew. Buttermilk stuffing that I loved. Plan on making this year.

  6. Sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie and maple glazed Turkey :gobble: :happythanksgiving: :happythanksgiving2:

  7. My mom’s turkey and my sister’s gluten free stuffing (for my daughter and her but it’s better than the regular stuffing) and peanut butter balls, if mom makes them

  8. Anything but the turkey so mashed sweet/reg. potatoes, gravy, veggies….and I just finished the pumpkin bread, banana and choco. chip cakes, little baby cheesecakes, chocolate cranberry nut oatmeal cookies, coconut impossible pie….wait. That’s too many. But you get the idea! I just don’t like turkey. I’ll wait for the leftovers to make turkey soup! Happy holiday, everyone! :gobble:

  9. I could live with just the stuffing and sweet potato casserole. I don’t need the turkey. ๐Ÿ˜€ :turkey3:

  10. :turkey: Sweet potatoes. It’s the only time of the year I get them because everyone else in my family hates them!

  11. :turkey: I’ve never seen these mini cupcakes before. They look delicious. My favorite along with my family is a dish of mashed potatoes mixed with mashed turnips, cream nd butter. With a little gravy, they are soooooo good.:)
    Carol L

    Have a happy Thanksgiving to everyone. :turkey3:

  12. My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mama’s dressing. She makes it with made from scratch cornbread and it is delicious. I also love the broccoli casserole that I make. :happythanksgiving:

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