Fifty Shades Preview – SQUEE!

10711119_983632891652539_8831410311550099522_nHard to believe … THANK YOU to Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews – I’m taking Mini Me and going this Friday to the Today Show FIFTY SHADES FIRST screening of the movie – and Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will be there. OMG AND SQUEE! Ya’ll know I’m a huge fan. And a crazy romance writer. 

If you followed me on the Plotmonkeys blog, you’ll remember these posts I did on Fifty Shades back in 2012.

Fifty Shades of Lunch – EL James Signing

Fifty Shades – My Mea Culpa

Fifty Shades Final Comments

Except it seems those weren’t my final comments because now there is a movie. And I’m so there. Which means you’ll get another blog with all my opinion and pics! Now I realize not everyone loves the books or the casting. And you’re entitled to your feelings. But let’s keep things light and fun here at my cyber home, OK? HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR ME, LOL! :snoopydance: 

13 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Preview – SQUEE!”

  1. You are too funny! Excited much??? Good for you — do what makes you happy. I, personally, didn’t read and will not see the movie but that’s my choice. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time and squee like the girl we know you are! :glasses:

  2. How exciting. You’ll have to tell us all about it. I entered the contest too but did;t win : ( I’m glad one of us is going. Congrats!!!!!

  3. :wave: It’s always so exciting to get to do something your heart has always wanted. I’m excited because you’re excited. I hope you have a wonderful time! :cheerleader2:

  4. I just heard your good news! I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to hear about your trip and see maybe some pics. :angelbanana: :alien: :cheerleader2:

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