Friday’s Giveaway Winner & Funny

First up, I apologize. I set the Rafflecopter wrong and the Giveaway ended at 12 PM yesterday afternoon instead of 12 AM in the morning. OOPS! Sorry. Won’t happen again. And now …

The winner of Friday’s $25 Gift Card GIVEAWAY is: Gretchen Miller! CONGRATULATIONS!

Email me via my website CONTACT FORM  to claim your prize!



I posted this on my Facebook Fan Page and it’s STILL funny to me!


10 thoughts on “Friday’s Giveaway Winner & Funny”

  1. Glad to know you make the same silly mistakes I make. I am a blond and sometimes…only sometimes….I wonder if the whole blond joke thing is for real. Congrats to the winner. I look forward to the next book.

  2. First thing this morning in my email from Amazon is “Jill Shalvis Books.” So of course I look. Went through the list and there were about four I didn’t know I didn’t have. Needless to say I have them now!! Thank you for writing such wonderful books. They give hope and laughter!

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