Carly’s Monday WIP Update

daretodesireA lot of you have asked me about the writing process and what I’m working on and what point I’m up to … and how I do what I do.   I usually have a bare bones outline/idea of where I’m going and a definite concept of characters, their past and what’s going on in the present.  It’s never enough, LOL! 

For example, I’m currently writing DARE TO DESIRE, the second book in the Dare to Love series. This is Alex and Madison’s story.I The first 100 or so pages of any story are a challenge for me. Every book I say I feel like I’ve never done this before. It’s crazy. This time around it’s Madison who is challenging me at every turn. She seems to want to think too much. I keep telling her nobody wants to hear her rehashing the past over and over but she needed Erika Wilde to read and tell her that before she would listen! Good thing I have had her as a critique partner because nobody else would put up with me! Now that Madison is well in hand and I’ve crossed page 100, I seem to be moving faster in the writing. Story of my life!

In case you want to PREORDER – DARE TO DESIRE – you can preorder now on Amazon – it will be available everywhere else on the release date, April 10, 2014!

In the meantime, don’t forget about DARE TO LOVE – the first book in the series:






My question today isn’t so much about my writing as about sharing characters and other things – I’m thinking about putting together Pinterest Boards with pics of characters and places in the DARE TO LOVE series.  Who here is on Pinterest? Who would be interested in checking that out?

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  1. I’m very used to Carly’s “ugly” writing process, LOL! But I truly love her characters as much as she does, and what you end up reading is an AWESOME story! I love Alex and Madison!

  2. Lori Foster now posts pics on Pinterest cause she kept getting warnings from Facebook. It’s a good idea. I would certainly follow you there. Thanks for sharing about your writing!

  3. I’m on Pinterest and I would follow you. As someone else said Lori Foster is now posting on there because of the problems on Facebook. She is also going to do a closed page on Facebook like Becky McGraw has done.

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