Rosh Hashonah starts here tonight. It’s the start of the Jewish New Year.  I admit to being less strict as I’ve gotten older, and I wasn’t all that strict to begin with. Still, it’s a good time for family and my brother, sister in law and his kids are coming, so is my mom. Small group. I’m doing the chicken cooking and bringing in the rest – the veggies, the noodle pudding, the matzoh ball soup. So that’s it with me really … holiday prep.

L’Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year.


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  1. L’Shanah Tovah to you and yours. My husband has a large family, so tonight it will be 16 at his sister’s house and tomorrow 26 at his Mom’s. My husband is a Kosher caterer, so no worries feeding the crew! He caters all over NYC, Westchester, LI and NJ.

  2. L’Shanah Tovah!

    I live in Israel so Rosh Hashonah is a big holiday here.
    I’m looking forward to seeing all the family and eating all the yummy food.

  3. happy new year; reading your list to make brought back funny memories from my childhood. we were not brought up strict at all. my mom and dad were both brought up in kosher households and she was a rebel and hated it. but we did celebrate the holidays. one year, mom was making chicken soup (with fowl-she swore was the best) and was ready to make the matzoh balls. about 6 friends were over and wanted to see the “magic” of balls made. well, my mom took the spoonful and plopped one in the soup-it disintegrated!!! she forgot something and no “balls”. never saw 6 friends run to the bathroom so fast laughing-one girl ran home next door to tell her mom!! thank you for the memory. you are blessed to still have your mom-i lost mine 4 yrs ago and i miss her every day.

  4. Happy and a Sweet New Year to you and your family. I made the brisket yesterday. Just need to make the veggies to go with it when I get home from work today.
    Yom Kippur is when I make the chicken soup and chicken since it is lighter and easier to fast and then I use the soup to break the fast.
    Enjoy your time with family!

  5. L’SHana Tovah to you & your family too. It will be low key here in my house. My older son (#2 child) is in Detroit covering the Big 10 Hockey season preview at the Univeristy of Michigan and visiting friends, going to services with them and staying for the Minnesota v Michigan football game.

  6. L’Shanah Tovah to you and yours. We are also lax with the holidays. But it is a nice time for family to get together. Enjoy your family!

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