The Dogs

The dogs have been complaining about their lack of screen time here. They want you to know that whatever I’ve been feeding them is making them itchy and miserable. They’ve tried one new food, Hills ZD but that didn’t sit right, so we’ve moved on to a single protein food. They want your pity, really. 10408519_10152402026455959_4754291895920485224_nAnd not that I think they deserve pity or anything. Their lives just aren’t that rough. But I think they want your attention.

P1000268And I’m assuming now they’ve gotten what they want. So anyone else have allergic pets?

18 thoughts on “The Dogs”

  1. No corn, no wheat for my girl. She is doing great on Nature’s Variety Instinct. A mixture of kibble and raw. How is it that I ended up with a dog whose food is more complicated than mine!

  2. One of my girls has bad allergies. Put her on Iams Grain Free and her digestion is tons better. She’s still itching but at least we fixed one problem. The vet had me try her on a probiotic but it constipated her. I swear we all take better care of our pets then we do ourselves.

  3. It’s always sweet to see the pups!! I’m very lucky I have a 10 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix that has never been sick or bothered by any food allergies. In winter she does get the dry kin itch sometimes, I get her theses Salmon dog treats the Omega fatty things in there helps. Hope the doggies get through the itchies :dog:

  4. I’m also fortunate to have no food allergies w/ my fur baby. He’s on Blue Buffalo Basics Turkey and Sweet potato dog food and it’s done wonders for his coat and weight. His poop is even better! Right now, the hard thing is convincing him to stay away from the flowers and bushes b/c of the bees and he’s already been stung. Luckily not allergic but he gets these large, bruise like welts that look terrible! Best of luck with your furbabies!

  5. We had the same issue with our pup and switched to Nature’s Variety Instinct and she is a completely different dog. No itchy paws or face and a ton of energy.

  6. I have two kittens. They’ll be 5 months old on October 10th. Charlie, the orange tiger is huge and we haven’t found anything he won’t eat. Lola, his baby sister and litter mate was the runt. She’s a tortoise shell calico. Her stomach is so sensitive. Anything other than her Purina One kitten food gives her the runs. I gave them some chicken baby food as a treat the other day and she was sick for three days. Poor baby girl. Charlie doesn’t understand why he can’t have treats. I’m afraid Lola will get some and be sick.

  7. I am happy that my dogs have been healthy. We do put peanut butter in their food sometimes because all my dogs are whippers and they are naturely very lean.

  8. Awwwwwwww, poor babies! C’mon, how can you NOT feel sorry for them??? I mean, something is happening to them, they don’t understand, and they just want you to make it better. Hugs and scratches coming their way from me!

    One of our cats had allergies, so badly that she couldn’t always smell her food. That was tough as if cats can’t smell? They starve. It was touch and go until we found a “stinky” enough food for her. She was pretty neurotic, too, but we loved her anyway.

    Our latest cat is just too damn picky! But again, we love the stuffin’ outta him, at least most of the time. The rest? I threaten to put him out for trash pickup on the weekend. :cat:

    Nah. I’ll keep him around. Hope the pups get a “good” food soon!

  9. :crying: Lost my fur baby yesterday. I’m caring for my elderly mom nights and when I came home yesterday, kitty had passed in her favorite spot in the laundry room. I try not to think that she went because of a broken heart and loneliness but it’s so hard. ๐Ÿ™

  10. I don’t have any pets (unless you count the hub and kids), but I think I am allergic to pepper. I have been trying to figure out why I get sick when I have food that’s heavily peppered. I don’t like it, anyway so no loss.

  11. No allergies for are two cats :cat: , but they have to eat can cat food to help prevent urinary tract infections. ๐Ÿ™

  12. My lab Remington, will eat ANYTHING, ANYTIME…….. He’s been known to eat drywall, rocks, garden statues, and of course, any and all food….

  13. Yes, my Riley (Yorkie) is allergic. Changed his food to Blue Buffalo for small breeds. He isn’t crazy about it, but he eats it. So far so good, his allergies are better.

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