How Old is Too Old …

For a night club? On Halloween we went to a club in South Beach (Miami FL) called Wall in the W Hotel. We were invited by friends for their son’s 21st birthday. How was it? I thought I would die. DIE. At first, not so bad. Not too busy and music not terrible. Then at about 12:30 AM … the bass reverberated through my ENTIRE BODY and I had a massive panic attack. Then people started to flow in. I was near tears. We left … Mini Me’s (she’s 22) feet hurt so bad she took her shoes off but we had to walk home the 6 blocks b/c no cabs. Which she did barefoot. I had hubby’s jacket wrapped around me and I was hugging my bottle of water like it was a stuffed animal. I’m so pathetic!
I’m not even convinced I could have handled it when I was 20!

A our night at the club for Halloween, me, Mini-Me, and Hubby. I DID enjoy dressing up!
So … am I an old fuddy duddy?



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  1. NO!! I get panic attacks too and I am OLD 🙂 LOL We had to start going to a different church because our church had an organist that was deaf and I understand health issues but, I couldn’t enjoy the service because the music was so loud it made my entire body shake and I was too embarrassed to keep getting up and down just to be able to walk out and get some fresh air. The poor gentleman has since passed on, God rest his soul, he was such a nice person but, I just couldn’t handle all of the loud music.

  2. The older I get the more I don’t like to be in crowds so I don’t think I would be going to clubs now. Actually, I have never been a person to go to a club.

  3. You are never too old to go out and enjoy yourself. That said, I have been in your situation (my friends son plays in a loud band and we are often invited to go see him) I usually stay for about an hour or so, and then say my goodbyes- I give no excuses, I just say “we’ve had a great time, thanks for including us” and leave.

    Sorry you had to walk home. You should have called Uber for a ride. (Car service)
    If you don’t know what Uber is, ask your mini-me!

  4. Our bodies are not made for music that is so loud. I have never understood why people want music that is so loud that they can’t understand the words and it hurts their bodies to hear it.
    I am glad you made it safely home.


  5. I didn’t like crowds and too loud music in my 20’s either, and definitely not now. I agree with the person who suggested just staying a while. I have done that also.

  6. No you’re not an old fuddy duddy. I can’t handle large crowds either and the bass would have had me in tears. I’d be looking for someone to ask to turn it down. :spider:

  7. I’m not a huge fan of clubs for the reasons you left. Way too many people and the music is always too loud. Felt the same way in my 20’s. Not a big dancer either. I do enjoy going to bars for drinks with friends, but tend to go before the music gets too loud…guess I’m old too.

  8. South Beach like all of Miami wakes up between 11 & 12. The Latin community eat late and party hardy. Even if you wish just music with your dinner you need to wait till 10

  9. Not an old fuddy duddy at all. You’ve been there and moved on to a life that is comfortable for you. I too am not comfortable in a crowd after about five minutes. I used to think it was because I missed my cat but after my cat passed I realized it was actually me saying to myself “Get the hell out of here!” At least you had nubby and mini-me. I was always alone but I ALWAYS had my own car.

  10. Not at all, at least you got out and dressed up. I went to a Fall Festival at my sister’s church. Some of it was inside and and out, I stay maybe an hour and it was time to go home for this sister. It had turned cold and the wind had picked up. And, no I didn’t dress up.I’m 53 and can’t stand a lot of racket, music, noise or whatever you wish to call it. Talk about fuddy duddy. And, I’m not ashamed.

  11. I would have been joining your in that Panic attack.. Maybe if I was 20 yrs younger I would have been okay… But that walk home would have done me in…

  12. Nah! It would freak me out as well. We live in Vegas and I stay away from crowds and busy/noisy places — I avoid ’em like the plague! So no worries! You are not getting old, you are just normal. :cheer:

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