I’m Obsessed With …

I’m obsessed with those Buzz Feed Quizzes on Facebook. Which Disney Princess are you? What Color are you? What is your Brain Actually Good At? (that one didn’t go so well) … I think this all means I’m obsessed with procrastinating LOL! How about you? Anyone else find themselves sucked into playing those or am I the only pathetic one? :cheerleader2:ย 

15 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed With …”

  1. If I see one that is ridiculous, I take it. It’s always good for a laugh! I mostly take the Disney ones, because that’s how I am. lol.

  2. I see them all the time but don’t usually do them…talk about a time suck, right? BUT. I did do the technology one. It made me feel old as I had every answer correct. Sigh. So much for trying to get a pick me up! 8)

  3. :batlash: I love those and get reeled in every time! But I never post the results. If I want the world to know I just write a comment with the results in the original post.

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