30 thoughts on “This Fall TV Season”

  1. Love the Blacklist!!! I also like the new show Scorpion. Wish I was that smart. My DVR is dusting the cobwebs off from a summer break with all my shows. NCIS, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, and a few others.

  2. the new show Forever is good. Loved Castle last night. DWTS. Looking forward to CSI. And, I still love Modern Family and The Middle.

  3. I love both those shows, Carly. I also loved Scorpion. I haven’t had a chance to watch How to Get Away with Murder yet, but it is on my dvr. I loved the new Castle last night. My dvr is working overtime most nights with all the new shows back.

  4. I don’t watch a lot of new television. I watched the premiere of Gotham and really liked it. I forgot it was on last night, but I think we set it up to record on the DVR. I’m looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead. Season five of Lost Girl starts in December.

  5. New – NCIS – New Orleans

    New2me – Scandal (caught up on all episodes on Netflix over summer)

    Old – The Good Wife; Blue Bloods; Criminal Minds; Castle

  6. I love watching NCIS and the new show NCIS New Orleans. I also like Bones, Sleepy Hallow, Haven, Hell on Wheels, Grey Anatomy, Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove and Chicago Fire.

  7. I love “the Good Wife”, too. I’m trying out some new sitcoms this year (I never watch sit coms). I figure that most of them will be cancelled, lol. I”m just watching DWTS, Castle and the various “reality competition shows”. I do love my Thursday nights (although, there’s now a little too much Shonda Rimes (I need to space it out).

  8. Favorite fall tv show

    New: Scorpion, but I’m waiting to see Stalker tomorrow night to decide.

    Old: NCIS

    Enjoyed Forever and NCIS: New Orleans too

  9. New:
    Madame Secretary
    How To Get Away With Murder
    NCIS: New Orleans

    Sleepy Hallow
    Blue Bloods
    Hawaii Five-O
    The Big Bang Theory
    Once a upon a Time

  10. I love this time of year for TV.

    New Shows I really like:
    The Red Band Society
    Madam Secretary
    NCIS: New Orleans
    And I’m looking forward to Jane the Virgin

    Old Shows I’m glad are back:
    Big Bang Theory

  11. New Shows I love
    Madame Secretary, NCIS New Orleans, The Red Band
    Returning Favs
    CSI, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Hawaii 5-0
    I was a little disappointed in Castle.. but I will still be watching every week.

  12. Loved Madam Security and How to Get Away with Murder. My old show would be Big Bang. I watch way more sports than regular tv. Castle was really good last night as well.

  13. I’m really liking Madam Secretary, too; hope it continues to be good. I’m still an NCIS fan girl. Person of Interest is holding up as well. Still too new for anything else to stand out…. :angelbanana:

  14. The only new shows I’ve seen all the way through are Madam Secretary, Red Band Society and NCIS New Orleans, and I really like them. I got half way through Gotham (had to pick up the kid at work) and have dvr-ed Scorpians and How To Get Away With Murder.
    Old favs are Sleepy Hollow (!!), Resurrection and Scandal 🙂

  15. Madame Secretary, Scorpion, Blacklist,NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Red Band Society, Bones I like. How to get away with Murder, The Mysteries of Laura and Forever are on the fence. I always believe in giving everyone 3 chance to either WOW me or disappoint. :glasses:

  16. Returning Shows: Blue Bloods, The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Dancing With The Stars, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Hawaii Five-0, Grimm (when it returns), Once Upon A Time, Resurrection, and I’m waiting on the new season of American Horror Story to start!

    New shows: I love Gotham! I watched How to Get Away With Murder but I got sort of lost during the first episode so I’m not sure about that one just yet. I also love The Strain which is in it’s first season on FX.

  17. Nashville is one of my old favorites along with Blacklist. Catching up on Once Upon a Time through Netflix while DVRing (is that a word now?) this season — my husband and I are both hooked on it.

  18. New NCIS NewOrleans
    Old. NCIS
    The Blacklist
    Bones. When it returns
    The Voice, I watch it the next day on On Demand
    I usually watch cable stations. HGTV, DIY,FYI, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Create TV. Shows that don’t require much attention, so I can read.

  19. I sometimes sit down when my husband has something on, but I don’t actively seek out shows. He has been watching Blue Bloods & that is pretty good. Not sure if The Mentalist is still on, but I have liked that one. The Good Wife is too serious, and I don’t really like it with no Will.

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