This Fall TV Season

Favorite Fall TV Show:

New – Madame Secretary

Old – James Spader (The Black List) James Spader (in anything LOL!)

           The Good Wife

 How about you? Favorite Fall Shows? GO!


30 thoughts on “This Fall TV Season”

  1. Love the Blacklist!!! I also like the new show Scorpion. Wish I was that smart. My DVR is dusting the cobwebs off from a summer break with all my shows. NCIS, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, and a few others.

  2. the new show Forever is good. Loved Castle last night. DWTS. Looking forward to CSI. And, I still love Modern Family and The Middle.

  3. I love both those shows, Carly. I also loved Scorpion. I haven’t had a chance to watch How to Get Away with Murder yet, but it is on my dvr. I loved the new Castle last night. My dvr is working overtime most nights with all the new shows back.

  4. I don’t watch a lot of new television. I watched the premiere of Gotham and really liked it. I forgot it was on last night, but I think we set it up to record on the DVR. I’m looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead. Season five of Lost Girl starts in December.

  5. New – NCIS – New Orleans

    New2me – Scandal (caught up on all episodes on Netflix over summer)

    Old – The Good Wife; Blue Bloods; Criminal Minds; Castle

  6. I love watching NCIS and the new show NCIS New Orleans. I also like Bones, Sleepy Hallow, Haven, Hell on Wheels, Grey Anatomy, Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove and Chicago Fire.

  7. I love “the Good Wife”, too. I’m trying out some new sitcoms this year (I never watch sit coms). I figure that most of them will be cancelled, lol. I”m just watching DWTS, Castle and the various “reality competition shows”. I do love my Thursday nights (although, there’s now a little too much Shonda Rimes (I need to space it out).

  8. Favorite fall tv show

    New: Scorpion, but I’m waiting to see Stalker tomorrow night to decide.

    Old: NCIS

    Enjoyed Forever and NCIS: New Orleans too

  9. New:
    Madame Secretary
    How To Get Away With Murder
    NCIS: New Orleans

    Sleepy Hallow
    Blue Bloods
    Hawaii Five-O
    The Big Bang Theory
    Once a upon a Time

  10. I love this time of year for TV.

    New Shows I really like:
    The Red Band Society
    Madam Secretary
    NCIS: New Orleans
    And I’m looking forward to Jane the Virgin

    Old Shows I’m glad are back:
    Big Bang Theory

  11. New Shows I love
    Madame Secretary, NCIS New Orleans, The Red Band
    Returning Favs
    CSI, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Hawaii 5-0
    I was a little disappointed in Castle.. but I will still be watching every week.

  12. Loved Madam Security and How to Get Away with Murder. My old show would be Big Bang. I watch way more sports than regular tv. Castle was really good last night as well.

  13. I’m really liking Madam Secretary, too; hope it continues to be good. I’m still an NCIS fan girl. Person of Interest is holding up as well. Still too new for anything else to stand out…. :angelbanana:

  14. The only new shows I’ve seen all the way through are Madam Secretary, Red Band Society and NCIS New Orleans, and I really like them. I got half way through Gotham (had to pick up the kid at work) and have dvr-ed Scorpians and How To Get Away With Murder.
    Old favs are Sleepy Hollow (!!), Resurrection and Scandal 🙂

  15. Madame Secretary, Scorpion, Blacklist,NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Red Band Society, Bones I like. How to get away with Murder, The Mysteries of Laura and Forever are on the fence. I always believe in giving everyone 3 chance to either WOW me or disappoint. :glasses:

  16. Returning Shows: Blue Bloods, The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Dancing With The Stars, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Hawaii Five-0, Grimm (when it returns), Once Upon A Time, Resurrection, and I’m waiting on the new season of American Horror Story to start!

    New shows: I love Gotham! I watched How to Get Away With Murder but I got sort of lost during the first episode so I’m not sure about that one just yet. I also love The Strain which is in it’s first season on FX.

  17. Nashville is one of my old favorites along with Blacklist. Catching up on Once Upon a Time through Netflix while DVRing (is that a word now?) this season — my husband and I are both hooked on it.

  18. New NCIS NewOrleans
    Old. NCIS
    The Blacklist
    Bones. When it returns
    The Voice, I watch it the next day on On Demand
    I usually watch cable stations. HGTV, DIY,FYI, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Create TV. Shows that don’t require much attention, so I can read.

  19. I sometimes sit down when my husband has something on, but I don’t actively seek out shows. He has been watching Blue Bloods & that is pretty good. Not sure if The Mentalist is still on, but I have liked that one. The Good Wife is too serious, and I don’t really like it with no Will.

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