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calendar-copyHow do you keep track of your life? For years, I used a big 8×10 calendar that had enough room for the kids’ activities and appointments as well as my own.  Then, I downgraded to a small pocket calendar in my bag so I could make appointments on the run and while I was out of the house.  As the iPhone era grew, people who knew I was a big techie couldn’t understand why I had a paper calendar when my phone would do everything — uh … creature of habit! Eventually and shockingly I let myself rely on my phone calendar – iCal.  Everything in my computer (which showed me a nice big screen of the month like my old calendars) would be on my phone so I could make appointments when I needed to.

But lately this hasn’t been the case.  Lately, there are many things not showing up on my phone that are on my calendar and visa versa.  I’ve been really annoyed and frustrated.  I mean I need to rely on this right? I tried to Google the problem and got nowhere. At some point, I must have seen or read that the problem has to do with the amount of items in your calendar.  Over a certain amount and they won’t transfer/show up.  I have no idea if this is true. I just know … THINGS AREN’T SHOWING UP. :headbang:

Two days ago,  I ordered a calendar from Amazon.  It’s not tiny and it’s not large.  It’s annoying in that it has monthly and weekly, so I needed to take paper clips and clip so I only turn from month to month.  It fits in my huge handbag, so that’s OK and it’s not heavy so it doesn’t add weight to my already ten ton purse.  But still.  This isn’t right.  In the age of technology, I should be able to have ONE calendar and rely on it right?  Sigh.

So … two questions.  If you have an answer to my iPhone iCal issues, I’d love to know.  And how do you keep track of everything in your life? Paper? Computer/cloud technology like I tried? What works for you?

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  1. I have a small calendar in my purse, a big calendar on the wall. I just got a smart phone and I’ve been playing with the calendar. It’s crazy how you need all those calendar to keep your life straight. :headbang: :hidingunderchair:

  2. since i care for a woman with alzheimers as well as drive a 90-year old lady to her appointments-i use a small pocket calendar. also have large calendar with birthdays, etc but the small one is perfect to coordinate their appts, keep track of mileage, etc. as well as my own. sometimes technology is not all it’s cracked up to be!! my age says “old school!” it works for ME.

    • I don’t use anything but my brain. However, I used to work in a doctor’s office and was amazed at the number of calls we received from patients who had been tracking their appts via their phone calendars and then for some reason, those appts quit showing up. I don’t trust the electronic calendars for that reason.

  3. I tried using the calendar on my phone but it just didn’t seem to do it for me so I do it the old fashioned way – on a calendar hanging in my pantry closet. This way I can also keep track of appts for my son and my hubby plus put plans for the family, dinners, get togethers etc. and the best part is everyone can see it and not plan something and create a conflict.
    When my son was younger I used a dry erase calendar on my fridge that was a rolling calendar so I could always see about 6 weeks at a time.

  4. We have a big desk calendar on our bulletin board that I try to write on. Mainly I use the calendar on my i-mini. So far I haven’t had any problems with missing info. Guess our life is in the slower lane. MD, DDS every so often, vet annually, not a lot of school events.

  5. I’m a big fan of my countdown app on my phone. I log everything into it… even stupid little stuff like grab sneakers at 4:30. So far it works!

  6. I buy the 2 yr pocket calendars for my purse- great when making 6 mo appts for Dr or dentist and small enough to always be handy. I use the blank pages for all my passwords & emergency numbers. It helps that I usually just use one purse per season so it’s always with me!

  7. I use all sorts of calendars. I have an 8×10 calendar I keep in my bag I carry with me to and from work then I have my google calendar with gmail on my IPhone. Plus I have my work outlook calendar. With all my kids activities plus my volunteer work with PTA I am constantly looking at all the calendars.

  8. I use Google calendar. It’s nice because you can share out your calendar to anyone you want so not only do my hubby and I have calendars, we share with my mom and my sister so I know everyone’s schedules. You can turn them on and off as needed. Our schools use Google calendar too so we have all the school events just showing up. I cannot say I have ever seen any size limitations on our calendars.

  9. I have my work calendar, Outlook to keep track professionally. My personal life isn’t that busy so I normally just remember everything that I need to do. I may write it down on a post-it note, but I normally lose track of it. When I buy a calendar it’s to keep track of the day of the week and to look at the pictures. I dread the day when I can no longer rely on my memory.

  10. I use my iphone calendar and a big one with a space for each person on the fridge. I like being able to see the whole month at a time, being able to point the rest of the family to it, and I can refer back to it at tax time for reference for meetings and trips. I like the phone for checking stuff on the go. And now that I think about it, I have had stuff drop off, especially recurring things.

  11. I use my iPhone, but I am not crazy busy like I am sure you are. If I don’t write it down I forget it.

  12. I use a spiral calendar that’s about 6 X 8 and has months and weeks, but I cut the weeks out and tape the pages together so all I end up with are the months. Weird, I know. I need to see the month at a glance. When the kids were little we used a wall calendar but since the mr. and I moved, we have a little spot on the bar for a basket of stuff, which is where we keep the calendar and a few other necessities.

  13. I use Google calendar anymore as it syncs with my android phone, my hotmail account, and my iPad. It will even email me about upcoming appointments and birthday reminders. I used to carry a huge Franklin planner, but I didn’t take it everywhere so I was always forgetting something. Now my phone has my schedule\apps, my shopping lists, and everything else.

  14. I have an 8×10 calendar that I keep in my drawer, plus I have sports schedules on the fridge–easiest for everyone to find–other than that, I rely on my eidetic brain.

  15. I have a small pocket calendar in my purse and a huge one on my desk that also acts as a blotter, so I can do other tasks on top of it.

  16. I used to have a large wall calender and a small one to carry in my purse. That was when my 7 kids were home. Now I just need a planner since my life has quieted down and my time is my own. 🙂
    Carol L

  17. I have a small calendar for my purse but i put everything on my kitchen calendar. It has a nice size square to write things on. Then I keep the calendars for years when I need to remember when we did something. :dog:

  18. I always had a big calendar book when I worked. Now I’m retired. I use my computer for birthdays, and it always pops up. Since I’m also caring for my 94 year old mom, I keep a wall calendar and a smaller calendar in my purse to keep track of both of our appts.

  19. I use my desktop (Outlook) calendar; a few years ago I finally tawked my techie husband into using his. (He doesn’t trust ’em for all reasons listed above!); and he uses the paper calendar in the kitchen. I try to make appointments when I get home, if I’m out, because I know that only one calendar has what I need on it. Do I rely on it? Sort of. It’s electronic so I know it can screw up. Wish I had a fix to send you, though! Gotta love technology!

  20. I use Outlook on my Computer, and when I back up my iPhone on my computer (just don’t trust that Cloud thing) I have the calendar option clicked and that works for me.
    When I had my son, he had a lot of doctors/little league/boy scouts/school appt. and I use a small monthly calendar (like you get from Hallmark)for all of his appt. (this was before the computer age) Now I only worry about me. I have not hear about the too many appts problem, but if you have an Apple store near you go in and have one of the young guys/gals help you.

  21. I have a Macbook Pro and iPhone both have intel so my ical interacts. My iBook is The 1st generation and doesn’t interchange information. i suggest you go to your apple store and talk to a genius to see if you can remedy the problem. PLEASE BACK UP YOUR INFORMATION BEFORE YOU GO. :lightbulb:

  22. I use my phone calendar because I need the reminders. A wall calender only works if you look at it and I am not usually home, so the reminder feature of my phone calendar is the most important thing to me.

  23. I don’t have a smartphone so I still do it the old way. I write everything on a calendar and keep a lot of lists. Thinking of moving to the binder system now that I’m busier than ever taking care of my mom.

  24. Always paper! Can’t rely on computerized calendars–what happens if the power goes out or a virus hits or computer crashes?

    I don’t have a smart phone so can’t help you there.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  25. When my children were little I kept two calendars, one on the fridge and one in my hall, and I still forgot things.
    I live alone now, I keep a pocket calendar and one on my wall. All my Drs. know to call me to remind me about apts. I do Mark them on both calendars, doesn’t mean I look at them.

  26. Living with my daughter and her family. She tries to keep a very large calendar on the kitchen wall up to date. For my personal appointments, I use an app and have sticky notes all over my computer screen (the first one with all your icons and shortcuts). To keep those important things and not double book, I use that 2 yr calendar some people have already mentioned for appointments made in person.

  27. I still use a monthly calendar in my purse, my phone just doesn’t seem convenient to me. I’d be lost with it and it’s always within easy access.

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