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IMG_0648IMG_0747I’ve heard a rumor that you like my dogs … I figured I’d let them out to play once in awhile, but not today.  Today I’ll tell you a bit about each of them instead.  They’ll talk to you another time.

MEET BRADY – He’s a 19 pound (mutant) Havanese.  If you don’t know, Havanese are supposed to be toy dogs who weigh in up to about ten pounds.  Maybe 12.  Honestly? After having wheatens with big eyes, getting used to a dog who was all black, black fur, black eyes who couldn’t photograph all that well was a big adjustment.  For the first year, people used to say he had a big head.  Personally I didn’t think that was all that nice.  I will say it took awhile to find a haircut that fit his looks and leave it at that.  He’s the sweetest boy and a lot of fun.  His favorite things are taking walks with the big dogs on Sundays with his dad and eating things that he shouldn’t.  And that’s all I will say on that subject.  I have doggie breath spray upstairs though.

IMG_0706 IMG_0628MEET BAILEY – She’s gorgeous and she knows it.  She’s neurotic and we know it.   She’s a soft coated Wheaten Terrier. She’s on puppy prozac (kidding but she is on anti-anxiety pills) and she’s a daddy’s girl at night.  During the day she follows me everywhere.  It’s takes her awhile to adjust to new things.  At six years old, she’s just starting to stay upstairs on her own.  I kid you not.  But one look at that face and she’s worth all the extra work.  Don’t get me wrong, Brady’s tons of extra work too.  It’s been said we have high maintenance dogs and although that’s true, I can’t for the life of me figure out why.  I’m home all day working.  My routine rarely varies. They know what to expect and the house is not chaotic.  Go figure.

Are your pets high maintenance or is it just me?

49 thoughts on “Post from the Puppies”

  1. I`m also a dog lover I have two rescued black labs,spoiled rotten I cook thier food but that is going to change getting to heavy.


    ps love your books

  2. Not only is my “puppy” high maintenance, because I’ve turned her into that, but she’s definitely the alpha in our relationship and we both know it!

    Having said that, I wouldn’t change one single day/year with her for all the money in the world. She is the love of my life.

  3. My cocker spanials are very high maintenance. Whether. Ive been gone all day or 5 minutes. They carry on like they were abandoned. Dont even get me started on hair cuts ,6 weeks after they get a hair cut it looks like it never happened.

  4. My greyhounds were really low- maintenance. They didn’t bark (excpet once or twice) and were happy just to be by my side and let me give them belly rubs!

  5. I love dogs but we are gone for most of the day right now. We used to have an Alaskan Malamute. He weighed about 130 pounds. His name was Chewy. He thought my husband was the alpha, then him, and then me. One night my husband let him get up on the bed before I came to bed. Chewy laid on the bed like a human with his head on my pillow. When I got in bed he moved over and when I was comfortable, he put his paws against my back and pushed me out of bed. My husband thought it was funny and he is lucky I am a good sport. Then Chewy got off the bed and laid down on the floor. When my husband wasn’t home, he laid at my feet in any room I was in. He was a good dog and very protective of us. Someday, when we retire, we will get another dog or two. We are thinking about Newfoundlands. 🙂

  6. I have 2 rescues Golfball, part lab and part pit; my husband befriended at the golf course, then 1 day he came to him with paw up, looking injured. He took to the vet, later we picked him up and the vet smiled and “he played you”. We already had a lab border collie, up in years, he tried to keep her going, but we put her sleep when she developed dementia and cataracts. Golfball was lonely, our rescue where we would board them, I picked 5 dogs out and Nancy looked at the list and said you can have Sunday(she really was more Nan’s dog, than a rescue). She was used as a pit breeder and when they used her up, threw her over the rescue’s fence cut her neck open. Nancy found her when she came to feed that Sunday AM. It turned out that on most trips, Sunday & Golfball played all the time. Pits are the most lovable, affectionate dogs and we are very happy with both.

    • I had a small dog who would cough when I started packing to move. She was afraid that I was going to leave her because I had other dogs that had to be left behind (in a shelter. I didn’t realize what she was doing until the second or third move (in military).

  7. We have two snorkies (schnauzer/yorkies. We got Chewie as a puppy. He bonded with me and it took six month for him to warm up to my husband. We got Pepper at 16 month. She was being raised as an outdoor dog in WV. She is also Chewie’s baby sister, same parents different litter. They are rescue dogs. They were born under a house and were undernourished. They are adorable. Took Pepper a while to learn how to eat a dog biscuit and a year to learn how to play with toys. They are 15 and 10 pounds and they travel everywhere with us in our 5th wheel.

  8. We have never had dogs, but our son and daughter-in-law have had 2 soft coated wheatens. The got the first, Henry, when he was a puppy. He had serious anxiety issues and did not like to be left alone. He usually got into trouble when he was left alone. When he was 8 months old he had doggy pneumonia and died. They were devastated. When the breeder found out, she offered them a 2 year old female who had been a show dog and had 2 litters. Kyra is a delight. She is calm, hardly barks, will lay at anyone’s feet to keep them company, is great with the grandkids and sleeps with “mom and dad”. Her humans try to find dog friendly locations when they travel. We’re too old and enjoy our freedom to get a dog but we can enjoy our granddog Kyra and then send her home!

  9. I too have a Havanese. She is pure white and was the runt of the litter and also I had pick of the litter. Hailey is now 3 yrs old and 20 lbs! She loves to play with her little 8.5 lb brother Clayton who is a rescue we just got and is 1 yr old. (Maltipoo) DeeDee 5 yr old Rescue 65 lb. (Shepherd mix) and Sam 14 yr old (Shepherd Mix) I will tell you though she is lovable she is not that smart.I took her for puppy class and after 3 sessions we were asked to leave. All she wanted to do was play and disrupt the class!

  10. We have 3 chihuahua mixes that are the most spoiled pups in the world. We have the mom, dad, and one of their pups who is baby huey being a ton bigger than either of them. But the light of our lives. Nothing better!

  11. My cat, Snickerdoodle, has Separation Anxiety and is a bit needy, but other than that, she’s pretty easy. 🙂

  12. Our mini dachshund, Baby, is all kinds of high maintenance! She has an eating disorder, and like her mother, her brain thinks she is hungry constantly. So she will eat anything that she can get in her mouth, whether it’s food or not. She nearly killed herself by swallowing something that got lodged and had to have surgery. After that her vet said she had to be crate trained for her own protection.

    To say she was a chewer just doesn’t even cover it. Try coming home from work and finding an entire kitchen linoleum floor chewed up. The whole floor was gone, and scattered in shreds everywhere.

    She’s 9 now and very much a creature of habit now, so we do great as long as nobody changes any routines. We tried one time to board her at a kennel and go out of town. She refused to eat or even come out of her carrier the entire time and tried to bite anyone who tried to make her. We were politely told not to bring her back. LOL!

    She’s part of the family and great with us, though, and we love her. I often joke that even our pets are dysfunctional. lol

  13. Yep, we have a very high maintenance dog. He wants attention all the time from someone. He will paw at you until you pick him up and he also likes to burrow in blankets for his naps.

  14. I have a half Lahasa/Apso and half Havanese girl, her name is Penelope she is almost 2 years old and she sleeps with us at night and she is the sweetest little girl. And we have a Pit Bull and her name is Molly but the Pit Bull has separation anxiety and chews anything she can get to when we are not home, she has chewed a cordless phone, two remotes to tv’s, cords and anything she can get ahold of.

  15. I have decided that to be a great author one of the requirements is a really cute and pampered puppy as well as writing good and interesting books. Just letting you know you qualify. Almost all the authors I enjoy have the cutest dogs.

  16. I have one tiny lil 8lb designer mutt (shih tzu/toy poodle). She really is the love of my life. She is also a very weird dog. While she can be extremely loving, she more like a cat in that she would rather just know you are in the room with her. She is high maintenance because I have made her that way. A spoiled dog. She even has a custom collar that cost her mom 90 bucks. Hahaha…yes…that is how spoiled she is. I wouldn’t trade her for the world, even when she drives me crazy. Nothing is better than having her tiny body curled up against me every night.

  17. We have two energetic standard poodle puppies, 6 1/2 months and 3 1/2 months. We had one before that lived to be 13. Why two? No idea.. Lol. They are great playmates wrestling with each other. Only high maintenance is grooming, lots of baths because they love the dirt, mud, ice, rain, puddles, and they tend to roll and wrestle in it. Beau (Beauregard), black and Bailey, cream

  18. Good Morning Carly I love your pets (or should I say Kids). My kitty is my kid to me and she is very spoiled. Always telling me what to do. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  19. My dog is a little hign maintenance. He’s 3/4 shih tzu & 1/4 Chinese pug. I keep him groomed and he thinks he has to sit on my lap whenever I’m sitting. It’s sometimes a royal pain but I do think he is worth it.

  20. I don’t have any pets, but lately, my husband has become ‘high maintenance” and not in a bad way….lol (and not in that way, either). He’s just very needy and I’m more independent. He’ll tell you it’s something different, but that’s not how it is….lol.

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  21. Unfortunately I don’t have any pets 🙁 I would love to but it just doesn’t work in my current lifestyle I just couldn’t give them the time and attention they deserve. My bestie has 3 cats and 3 dogs so I go there frequently to get my pet fix.

  22. My twins turned 21 earlier this month and they have both moved on, girl twin is at U of Michigan and boy twin is a Marine, so don’t expect either home… 🙁 This prompted moving from small dogs (pugs) of which we still have 3 (all old dogs) to getting an American Bulldog. Lacy will be 2 years old in a couple months and is 85 pounds of pure joy! About a month ago we got another female American Bulldog, Fergie, and she is going to be bigger than Lacy. I work from home and Lacy is always at my side and since I work all night, I sleep during the day so she sleeps with me. On the nights I don’t work she has decided she has to still sleep with me and our queen size bed is just not big enough for my husband, me, Lacy, and now the puppy who is growing! Lacy has always had a problem if I go away for any length of time (even a few minutes to the store). She is great to come home to though 🙂

  23. I have a very spoiled and high maintenance Pit Bull named Nila (pronounced like the end of Vanilla). She weighs in at 50 pounds and is such a baby. If it rains or the concrete is wet she won’t go out to the grass so I have to carry her. Once she gets to the grass she is fine until again its time to go back into the house. She thinks she is a lap dog and will “talk back” to you when you tell her no and she wants something. This is all okay though because although she rivals the husband in the snore department she is my fur child and is part of the family.

  24. I have no pets, not that I am not an animal lover, it’s just that I have always lived alone and felt while I was away all day and traveling was not fare to have a pet, left on it’s own all day. And now I live where pets are not allowed because of my landlady and her allergies. But I have lots of furry four legged nieces and nephews, just like the all the two legged ones I have. I love them all and they get lots of loving from me I visit their homes..

  25. I have also had spoiled rotten dogs in my past and I miss them. Now I have a cat who thinks it’s my responsibility to keep her food bowl full 24/7. She’s only 13 lbs. but I can only imagine what she’d weigh if I really did keep her bowl full! I sporadically look for a dog for company. My cat says no dogs but I’ll change her mind. The biggest problem is that I live on my daughter’s farm and she is very vocal about what I can and cannot have as a pet. And yet my two grand-dogs put the fear in anyone who comes on the farm with their barking. If the UPS guy would just say Hi to them they’d lick him to death! Someday I’ll have my puppy.

  26. We have a miniature Schnauzer who his extremely anxious. She has a very high-pitched bark that she uses whenever someone comes to the door. We tried tried training her not to bark but all it did was make her scared of the wood floor.

  27. I have four cats, Baby, Bobo, Pookie, and Samantha Jane. Each one has a different personality and while cats aren’t as high maintenance as dogs, mine are spoiled rotten. Samantha is a daddy’s girl and always goes for my husband’s lap. Baby loves to tear up paper so we have to be careful not to leave bills, important documents, etc. lying around. Bobo is very jealous when it appears one of his roommates is getting more attention than him. That requires at least five minutes is extra lovin’ for him to get over it. And Pookie . . . she loves smoked sausage. It’s the only table food she eats. So every morning when I fix breakfast I fry a little piece and cut it up just for her. High maintenance? Or just spoiled? You can decide.

  28. We have one dog now (had to put the other one down in May) who is a 10 year old Australian shepherd/Husky mix that we got from the shelter. She is spoiled, hates to be left alone, scared of thunder storms, and sleeps with us at night at the foot of the bed. Love her to death!

  29. My son’s dog is spoiled rotten. A schnorkie – ? cross between Yorkie and Schnauzer. If she thinks you aren’t paying her enough attention she sits at your feet and gives you the death stare, putting a paw on your knee to get your attention, too. She doesn’t handle not being the center of attention very well.

  30. My Yorkie, Katie, loves to tease my Maltese — she takes both kongs and puts her head and paws over them and then growls fiercely if Dewey tries to take one to play fetch with. She really is a brat, but I LOVE her to pieces!

  31. Well, Birch isn’t high maintenance but then he’s a cat…A 23-25# domestic shorthaired black “mini-black panther”. He’s smart, affectionate and a lap cat. He loves to sit in my lap…all 25 pounds of him. When he walks across your lap with those LITTLE cat feet I get bruises sometimes. But he purrs loudly, cuddles and has the longest expressive tail you’ve ever seen. He even comes when you call him so I guess he’s part dog? I frequently fall asleep at night with him sprawled on my chest from chin to hips. Now that’s a heavy load, lol.

  32. I loved reading about your puppies, you can tell how loved they are, the king and queen of the house, you should included them in a story 🙂

  33. I loved seeing Brady the other day and wishing him a Happy Birthday and Bailey is yes you can see much adored and nows it. I have a 10 year old Chihuahua/JackRussell mix have been near her before she was even born. Her mommy belonged to a neighbor ;). Maggie is for Magnolia ofcourse she’s a Southern Girl!. She’s the boss ofcourse and my folks 6 yr old 85 lb Chocolate Lab can attest to it. But they love each other like long lost sisters. Thanks for sharing the pups!

  34. We have 1 fat yorkie she is over 6lbs and 2 rescue yorkies 6lbs and 8lbs. 2 girls 1 boy and yes they are very spoiled. We have had Porscha the chunky one since she was 5wks old, she’s my daughters and she has moved to Mississippi going to grad school so she lives with us & she is very independent little girl.
    Then there are my 2 rescues that were a 1 1/2 old, Indy the boy has been badly abused. Our dog trainer says he has been emotionally traumatized so its made him very protective. Likes to nip anyone new that comes around. Because of the abuse (broken vertabra on his spine)he will cower at sounds and doesn’t always like for you to be near his face so I like to hold him and give him lots of love and then Lexi his younger 1/2 sister saw the abuse and was the favorite dog, she tends to have some querks, but she smiles at anyone new and wags her tail everytime you come into the room, so of course, you gotta love on her too! They both follow me everywhere, bathroom too!
    Dogs rule in our house, people drool!

  35. I have a 6 pound, 2 year old Morkie named Teddy. He is 3/4 Yorkie & 1/4 Maltese. He loves to look out the window & bark at anything & everything passing by; people, other dogs, the wind, the squirrel that teases him. We say he’s protecting our house. He is a lot of fun & a lot of energy.

  36. Thinking about getting a Havanese at some point. I’m hoping I move to my own condo within the next year, and I’d love to have a puppy.

  37. I have two rescue pugs-Cleo, who is black in color and now 8 yrs old and adopted in 2010 after she was abandoned in a car and Dorie, who is fawn colored and 7 yrs old and adopted in 2011 from a puppy mill. We have gotcha parties on the respective days with special food and presents. I live in a small town and we take walks all around town and the police officers smile and wave when they drive by. Recently I took them out for their late night potty break and it was cold and the wind was blowing. No one was out except this one car driving down the road. I was wearing my nightshirt, pj bottoms, a winter coat and snow boots. The car got closer and it was a cop. He stopped next to us,rolled down his window, opened his mouth to say something, then shook his head and drove on. Yeah glamorous!

  38. Your dogs are adorable. Bailey looks just like my sister’s dog Lucy…short for Lucifer! The dog is so sweet, but the things she does is crazy.

  39. I have a Standard Dachshund, named Sophie. I would put her picture here but I don’t have that option. She is a show dog and that makes her high maintenance. She is 3 years old about 20lbs and the love of my life.

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