A funny story – Bailey loves her Thundershirt. She needs it for anxiety and when I go to take it off, she backs away from me. Like no, don’t take it away! I actually think she doesn’t like the Velcro sound when I take it off. But I prefer to pretend she just likes her jacket. LOL

Anyway, back to the day’s problem. I live in a house with 2 dogs, as you well know. I really need air fresheners because I’m starting to smell dog. Not something that makes me happy. I love how my dogs smell, but dog smell in the house is totally different. I’m guessing another pet owner would know what I mean.

The problem is I’m fussy about what I want to smell in my home. Perfume gives me a headache / migraine. I lean towards Vanilla. I have tried various things:

Glade Plug Ins for one – and although they work if I put two into the kitchen which is the only area I have an issue (where the crates are) or by the front door just because I like it – it works for a short time. But they run out FAST. And they’re hard to find. Even online.

My husband has brought home these flat Citrus based scent … things. I don’t have the brand but they didn’t work.

I spent too much money on Bath and Body Works Plug-Ins. They swore they would work. I couldn’t even smell a HINT of them.

Last night at Bed Bath and Beyond we found these – SMELLS BE GONE Pet Odor Absorber Citrus Air Freshener 15 oz jars. I liked the smell when I set them up … we’ll see if they work. what’s funny is that they were one of those things set by the register for an impulse buy – we bought in LOL!

I don’t want candles (flames/anything that burns or I have to watch/worry about). So what do you all suggest for a good smelling house? If you have ideas, I would love LINKS too! Thanks!

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  1. Don’t know if you can get these vaporisers in the States but the beauty of them is that you choose your own essential oils and can mix and match. They can be left on all the time, don’t get hot and don’t use much power. I would recommend that you buy the best quality pure oils you can afford as you only need a few drops at a time and they last for ages. We have 6 of these at my workplace – they are fantastic. http://www.bonvalecreations.com.au/category10_1.htm

  2. Our Bunni loves her Thundershirt also. Poor thing is terrified by rain without it.
    I like the Renuzit Super Odor Killerz Air Freshener. No scent and then to add scent the reed diffusers are good. Just replace the oil and the reeds every once in a while.

  3. I like the febreeze plug ins and the bath and body works watermelon lemonade plug ins.
    I need one of those shirts for anxiety…:)

  4. Check out http://scentsy.com/ — they have a ton of scents as well as a wide selection of the wax warmers. So far, I’ve only tried the warmers and they work great! They have several different product lines you may want to peruse also! :snoopydance:

  5. We find Febreze works well also.
    We buy the Glades or Airwick plug ins but they only last about 30 days. Sometimes you can find something at the pet store as well but nothing lasts forever!

  6. That’s funny because I use those from Bed Bath and Beyond and I tried them because they were by the register. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and while I don’t smell much from these in the way of scent my friends tell me my house doesn’t have the animal smell. I like them and they seem to work well. I also have a friend that owns a scent company and she mixes oils that won’t give me a headache but have a nice smell. I’m really picky about the scent I use in my house.

  7. Diffuser Sticks work well. You can use with essential oils or find with many different scents. Lots of options with these – lots of choices on Amazon….

  8. I like the Glad Plug Ins. My favorite is the Apple Cinnamon. I can’t handle strong scents either, but this one isn’t bad. I also keep the dial on the plug in on the lowest setting.

    I buy them in large quantities (6 a pack) at BJ’s Warehouse. I know they do carry the vanilla too.

  9. The Glade plugins give me a headache if they are left in very long. My sister really likes the Scentsy as mentioned above. I made my own spray with cheap vodka and cinnamon sticks, which works well. I like diffusers as well, but my husband wasn’t a fan. I also like the little infused paper scent packs I get at the car wash, but haven’t tried them in the house yet.

  10. I have three dogs, yes three. Two tiny dogs that are mine and they don’t stink. But my husbands puppy is a black lab pit bull mix and he has the lab coat of fur. He could have a back be dry and go outside for two minutes and come In and stick so freaking bad it makes me gag. I fabreeze my couches, even tho he is never on them. THEN I keep a scentsy warmer going in each room of the house. I also suffer from migraines do to smells and other things but scents isn’t strong. It covers the smell but not where it’s over whelming, there are a Bunch of scents, anything from manly scents (which I love) to baked goods (which is another type I go for) To fresh clean smells like clean laundry and outdoorsy smells. Anything you can think of pretty much. It really does work and the Warmers are super cute and you don’t have to worry about them if you leave for the day. It’s just like leaving a light one but a much smaller wattage bulb

  11. I use Airwick plug ins. I have them set on the lowest setting, and they generally last 30 days, which is what they state I believe. I have no pets but like a fresh smelling home. I use Fresh Flowers, Snuggle Fresh Linen or Lavender/Chamomile.

  12. About the only thing I can tolerate is vanilla, Carly. I’ve looked and found a few sprays but I love the candles. I found them in a local pharmacy, Yankee Candles. I buy (after a test sniff) almost anything with vanilla, lime, orange. I know the candles burn forever and yes, they are expensive. Glade has a vanilla spray I like but I don’t know if it comes in any other form. 8)

  13. I use Glade/febrezze/airwick plugins. My sister-in-law uses the http://scentsy.com/ she loves them. There in all the bathrooms,kitchen and laundry room. I’ve tried the Bath and Body Works ones, but they are expensive.

  14. My sister swears by the scensy. However, it is plugged in melted wax. They smell great, but if you burn them most of the time, you have to change out the wax pretty often. My dad always just used frebreeze with is lab and it seemed to do the trick.

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