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Messages Image(493634776)BLOG: The Bachelor … no I don’t mean my book but the show.  I really am not a fan of the television show. I don’t like that 27 women (or men on The Bachelorette) are vying for one man.  It’s gross.  He’s kissing everyone.  He can’t say I love you.  They do, not knowing what’s at the end. Where’s the self respect? That said, it makes DARN GOOD TV.  There.  I admitted it.  But I do think it was more this season because there was just so much DRAMA.  Even this bachelor managed to create drama around himself.  HE CRIED.  Often.  Not just because I write manly Alpha men in my books but to me? That’s a turn off.

This year’s bachelor started off with everyone loving this sexy Latin man.  Let’s face it, Juan Pablo is a good looking guy!  But have you ever seen a bachelor who started off so wanted become so hated so fast? Andi went into the fantasy suite half in love with him and came out totally repulsed and done.  Two women left – not because of anything at home, not because the drama was too much for them, but because of HIM.

Still, last night’s The Women Tell All definitely showed women with sour grapes. That wasn’t as interesting as the women who really got close to him and had something to say.  I had blast watching it.  I’m not ashamed to admit it, although to quote Kelly Ripa, “I may feel a little dirty” afterwards, LOL.  After all … It’s all right!

Okay … let’s go.  Did you watch? Not watch? What did you think? Did you enjoy it on a laughter level like I did?

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  1. We have a very similar tv show here in Italy (which is probably a carbon copy of the one you’re talking about) and it has been going on since I was barely into highschool, and that would be well over 10 years ago.
    While I can admit the whole drama makes an entertaining show which can sometimes even be enjoyed, I always found myself cringing at the pathetic amount of drama and at the lowering things the girls/guys had to submit themselves to just to maybe catch the attention of a single person they didn’t even really know. This made me stop watching the show even if most of my schoolmates and friends actually talked about it most of the day. Nowdays I rarely turn the TV on and since I work during the airing time of this show I don’t have to worry about deciding wether to give it another chance to entertain me.

  2. I’ve never watched the show and have no plans to watch the show. In fact I don’t care for reality show’s at all. :thumbsdown: If I want reality I watch the news. When I watch T.V. I want to have fun. :rofl: :rothfl:

  3. I watch it every season ::) its so entertaining. And yes some couples do get married… 🙂 But Juan Pablo picks nikki but in the end thats sour grapes too… Cannot wait for Andi to be the next bachelorette love her..

  4. I have never watched the show. I don’t watch any reality show since they really aren’t reality. I watch very little TV except for NCIS and Rizzoli and Isles. I’d rather read.

  5. I have never watched the show and don’t plan to at all. I don’t watch much tv to begin with and rather watch a movie or sports to entertain myself.
    I don’t get this whole fascination with reality tv.

  6. I do not watch The Batchelor. I think it is degrading to the women who hang all over a man and fight with other women for the chance to date or marry what is basically a blind date. Now a days, it is all about getting on a reality television show. I can’t wait for the simpler things to come back like comedy sitcoms where you watch television to be amused for short periods of time. I prefer to put my nose in a book. Not a big fan of what they put on television, so I read (in the same room as hubby of course) while my husband watches television.

  7. Carly, I watch. My daughters, nieces, and a nephew and I compete, creating an NCAA-style bracket after watching the first show, picking who’ll be kicked off each week, all the way to the winner. I had picked Sharleen to win–I am not going to win. 😉 But competing and chatting with my family makes it fun.

      • I honestly thought it would be Andi–but my daughter had dibs on her. 😉 I took Sharleen because he was so initially wowed by her. One niece had the top three picked perfectly, and now the top two!

  8. This is the first season that I have watched. It’s not reality! I can’t believe that the women are all kissing and making out and . . . whatever! I’d much rather be reading. The fighting, sniping etc., is kind of funny considering that they are all there for the same reason. I think Juan Pablo is as fake as they come. But . . . “it’s ok” Ba ha ha ha! The Voice was much better!

  9. I honestly haven’t watched it since a few seasons after Krista and Ryan. I fell in love with Ryan first episode and was thrilled when she picked him! Hahaha…The show used to be great, but now it is more about how to create drama than whether or not these people can truly fall in love. While I understand that the drama makes for great TV, I became disgusted by the bachelors and the women. But if I catch an episode on the TV, I have a hard time changing the channel. Lol. I always went more for dancing with the stars though. My mom, her best friend, and myself used to create spreadsheets each season, we would score each dance ourselves and then see how close we were to the judges and track every dance (even what kind of dance is was) Hahaha…

  10. I can honestly say Ive never watched. Never really even wanted to. Just never liked the idea of it….

  11. Don’t watch any of them myself. I watch shows I know are done with actors, not some fake reality TV. All of them are scripted in one way or another. Plus, look how many actually end up lasting! Of course when I hear Juan Pablo, I think of the race car driver since I’m a NASCAR fan. And THAT Juan Pablo is a real jerk!

  12. I don’t watch because I can’t believe that it’s real. I do have a former student who was on the Bachlorette once. He didn’t last very long though. He was too honest, although hot!!!

  13. I’ve always refused to give it a chance because of exactly what you said in the beginning lol. It reminds me of watching an accident – you hate that there was one but you can’t help looking. I know if I started I’d get hooked and I don’t want to be lol.

  14. I never watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette because I don’t enjoy watching people grasp. All the hugging and kissing, etc., should be for the ONE after you’ve gotten to know him/her. Don’t like the premise of the show. That said however, I do try to watch the wedding shows and hope it just works for them like it did for Krista.

  15. :thumbsdown: Nope. Alpha Hubby HATES reality shows. We used to never watch network tv (hate commercials) until he accidentally discovered Big Bang Theory last year. The he got hooked on 2 Broke Girls. Then Mom. It is insidious and starts small but TV worms its way into your life and… I’d much rather: :reading:

  16. Good afternoon Carly,
    No, I don’t watch. Too much drama for me. Women trashing each other and some just for the fun of it. I would rather read one of my romance books.

  17. I watched in the early years, but haven’t watched in years. I just don’t get the whole one man dating 25 women at once. He goes on a date with multiple women at once, and kisses more than one women while they are on said date. Pretty sure the last one I watched was when Krista was the Bachelorette and picked and married Ryan.

  18. I don’t watch but two of my daughter’s do. I am always telling them that they are losing brain cells just by watching that show!

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