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  1. Sometimes but 95% of the books I read I do not. Sometimes if it’s a favorite author and series I might reread once they’re all out so I can read again and get the flow rather than the wait we sometimes had between books – which could sometimes be a year in between books or trilogies of the series.

    • I don’t normally re-read books. But there are a few authors that I have re-read their books….Maya Banks, Jory Strong, Lauren Dane, and Nora Roberts, to name a few.

  2. totally agree with jeanne; only to get back into the “series”. so many series by different authors-hard to keep straight-esp. when book titles are the same!! too confusing

  3. I no longer reread books. I have too many new books to read I don’t have the time to reread. I thought about what JoAnne said earlier about time in between books. Try rereading one of Diana Gabaldon Outlander books. I follow that series and the last one was released 4 years ago! Those books are long and are one time reads. I should have waited until they were all released and then read them. LOL

  4. Not typically but I will go back and reference that book if I am reading a series and I forgot a fact and need to refresh my memory.

  5. :flagwave: OH YES I re-read books about 60% of the time because I have found that I need to clarify something I have missed in my reading of the book. I save about 99% OF THE BOOKS I HAVE PURCHASED.

  6. Yes, I have some that I have kept that I go back to when my brain is tired, and I want the familiar. Kind of like comfort food! Also, our library has a summer reading program that includes adults, so sometimes I get something to re-read in order to get a prize and encourage my kids a little more, although that worked better when they were little.

  7. I agree with the first four comments. I have read the Sue Grafton series several times when a new one is coming out.

  8. I do like to re-read books but I haven’t in quite awhile. I have a couple shelves of books to be read and countless more on my Kindle. Every now and then I do go back and re-read favorite passages.

  9. If I loved a book so, so much, I will go back and reread it. Sometimes on a pass through, I read it too fast, so I go back, re read, savor!

  10. Yes I do go back and reread certain books especially if a new one is coming out and it’s been awhile in between.

  11. I have upon occasion, but not in the last five or six years… I have too many books to read for the first time.

  12. I do, if it’s something that really grabs me. But like someone else said, 95% of what I read I don’t. I read too much to reread! Lol

  13. I read so many, about 1 a day, that I reread the prior book in the series when the new one is coming out. This way I will have total recall on a book written a year prior.I have about 100 authors I read religiously and the list is growing. Please note I don’t watch much TV so this is my escape from life. :clap:

  14. There are some I do — on a regular basis! And some, admittedly, when I dust my bookshelves. :zip: I have a collection of holiday books that I can read and read every holiday…except for the little thing called a TBR pile of ’em. Oops!

  15. I re read a lot of my books, in fact I only keep books I will re read and even then I’m out of bookshelf space. I enjoy revisiting a book or series I really liked.

  16. I re-read holiday favorites more than anything else at the holidays. I don’t re-read many books like I used to but that is because it is easy for me to get new ones by ordering online. I used to be at the mercy of what was sold locally or what the library had in stock.

  17. When they are Hot books, I usually do. I have a huge collection of paperbacks and ebooks that I keep just for this reason.

  18. I will often re read books. Especially if the book touches me in some way. If it makes me laugh, or I feel warm fuzzy feelings. I use books as a comfort.

  19. Yes but only certain series/authors. I have lost count how many times I have reread Lora Leigh`s books, especially The Breeds. Others are Stephanie Laurens & Laurell K. Hamilton.

  20. With so many authors and so little time I rarely re-read. I used to re-read when I ran out of books but now I have a Kindle and never run out. When I was reading paperbacks I had a book cover to protect them that said “Dirty Book” on the front. My mom said I must really like that book cause I was always reading it!

  21. I don’t usually reread a book. To many good ones that still need to be read :reading:

  22. I have several books that I like to relisten to when my husband is home because he likes to talk to me when I’m “reading.” :groan:
    I save new books for when he’s not home

  23. Some books seem to stay with me forever and I would consider rereading them except for having too many new books/authors I want to read.

  24. I re-read frequently. I tend to only buy books that I consider “keepers”. So, I like rereading my favorites. It’s like visiting with old friends. Sometimes, new titles coming out don’t thrill me, so reading a favorite is relaxing.

  25. Sometimes. It depends on the book. I have one of those memories where I seldom forget things, so re-reading isn’t always enjoyable.

  26. I can probably count on one hand the number of books I’ve reread. There’s always so many new ones to choose from. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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