What Else Do We Do?

I know we all read. But what else do we do?

I’ll go first:

Exercise? Forced torture but I try to do treadmill 3 x a week. Which I can manage usually 2x b/c I read while I’m doing it.

Television? Yes. If I’m home the TV is on … ABC from first thing in the morning – Good Morning America, LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Rachel Ray (under duress b/c it’s already on channel 7 and I really don’t enjoy cooking shows but she’s OK), The View, the News … 12:30 pm makes me nuts – nothing really to watch until 1 PM which is my ONLY switch – NBC – Days of our Lives (and that is only because I lost my all day ABC shows) … and then Katie Couric (but don’t love her show so that’s the time of day i start to move around) — when I don’t have my weekday shows, I look for Law and Order or SVU … yes, I’m also TV Addicted. I like the noise in the background.

Kids – I love to hang with my girls. Right now I’m in my daughter’s room and we’re watching Modern Family reruns.

Shopping – I like it. But I only go when I need things.

Friends – an occasional lunch with a friend, dinner on Sat nights with another couple …

Write – which is also a combo of writing, social media, PR etc. Really NOT a chore. And of course working on my books.

So what do you do to fill out your life besides READ?  Feel free to use what I have and/or add to the list.

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  1. Exercise? Waiting for my son to hook up Wii Fit

    Television? Never turn it on but if hubby does may catch glimpses of shows and I do mean glimpses since we never stay on one channel or show very long. I like cooking shows and we “watch” some dramas and lots of sports.

    Kids – I have one grown son who has his first job after graduating from college last year. He lives home so we do get to see him occasionally.

    Shopping – Always seem to be at the grocery store. Only shop if I have to even when it comes to gifts.

    Friends – keep in touch with facebook; have occasional get-togethers or dinners out; maybe meet for a cup of coffee.

    Laundry – we seem to grow it at my house.

    Write Reviews – for two separate sites + authors that contact me directly on occasion. But have to read before I can write them!

  2. :type: I work at a hospital , walk 5x a week, little gardening, read newspaper, mags and as many books as possible, church, volunteer thru Lions Club, go see a movie or play at local university

  3. Read, watch t.v., spend time with my baby boy ( he’s 17), laying out in the sun ( I was asked one time how come I just don’t go to tanning bed and I said the sun is free) 😀

  4. when my husband is well we go to the gym 3x a week. He is scheduled for hip replacement surgery on June 3rd. TV: I watch NCIS, Major Crimes, Rizzoli and Isles, sometimes Bones reruns and sometimes The Barefoot Contessa. My washer is broke so I’m not doing much laundry. I don’t like to shop but I think today we are shopping for a new washer. Thanks to my kindle I can shop for books at home.

  5. Exercise-Use my Wii almost everyday 😕

    Television- To many shows to list, but I watch NBC,CBS,ABC,USA AND TNT 😀

    Reading-to many books to little time 😀

    Knitting-Knit hats, mittens, scarfs for the winter for kids. Knit Prayer Shawls for my Prayer group at me Church. And it’s a great relaxer after a long day of writing. :cheerleader2:

    Write- I write every morning and afternoon (unless life gets in the way) 😡

  6. Exercise-not enough, need to get back to it
    TV-yes, addicted
    Kids-2, still in school, need to get their summer set up!
    Shopping-at grocery store at least once a week, clothes as needed
    volunteer at school and church
    friends-occasional lunch and dinner
    housework and laundry-yes, although I have a wonderful hubby who helps

  7. i am a companion to a woman with alzheimers-for the past 2 years. prior to that i worked retail for over 20 years. and there is the usual cooking, cleaning, shopping for food. meet my friends of 59 yrs or 50 or 20 years (yeh, i keep my friends for a looooong time!) for lunch also. not huge fan of exercise but i do walk 3x/week. my favorite is the weekends when i can skype with my granddaughters (2 1/2 and 11 mths) who live in the southern part of delaware-which is about 400 miles from new england. and at nights-relax and read!!

  8. Exercise when my husband and I can walk together (we won’t discuss the gym membership that me and the teen don’t use!)
    TV..excited for the summer seasons of Rizzoli and Isles, PLL, The Fosters ( I love that my girls and I enjoy the same shows!
    Shopping when I need to, but it’s usually Target or the grocery store
    I don’t get to see friends as much as I’d like…I do work, too, lol!! But I am part of my local community choir, so that;s fun. And if I can put the Nook down long enough, I might start counted cross stitching again 🙂

  9. Our TV is also on all day but we go from Today to The View to ESPN to CNN back to ESPN! Need the background distraction as well. When I used to work, I always had a radio on all day. Retired now so I walk every morning and then go online to check things, clean house and read. Packing to move this weekend so my schedule is more hectic.

  10. TV- ABC mostly; WBIN has repeats of Law & Order SVU and That 70s Show; And I occasionally watch ION Television, they have movies and repeats of Criminal Minds, Ghost Wisperer, and many others.
    If Im not reading or watching tv then Im playing with/walking my chihuahua. <3

  11. I can’t exercise in the manner that you do but I try to take a walk (with a walker) at least 3x a week or more if I can manage it. I don’t turn the tv on until after I get through going through my emails and taking care of business on the computer. I usually crochet or knit or do embroidery (all types) in the afternoon before the grandkids get home from school. Once they arrive, it is chaos so can’t concentrate too much. Reading is usually done in spurts and before going to sleep. Shopping is done online for the most part unless I can get family members to pick up what I need at the various stores. Live a very insulated life right now but hopefully that will change in the future.

  12. Well let’s see. I work full time. I also make jewelry and cards. I have an etsy shop that I am trying to get my things listed in. I blog daily, spend time with my 13 yr old daughter, my boyfriend and my four cats. I don’t like to shop AT ALL unless it is online and for beads and books lol. I can always be found hanging around, Facebook. I have lunch with a friend once in a blue moon. I love to be home. Watch movies once in a while. I like the TV off and that is possibly because my daughter watches SpongeBob incessantly. I also LOVE music. If I am in the car it is loud. I think that covers it. :0)

  13. I go to exercise boot camp 3x a week. The only TV shows I watch are NCIS, NCIS LA and Hawaii Five O. I read while listening to the country music channel on the TV.

  14. I walk for exercise. On TV I watch a variety of programs. I love HDTV especially The Property Brothers. I watch cooking shows, not because I cook, but because the cooks are so entertaining. I used to like to shop, but the now I just like to get in and get out. I spend time with family and friends when I can. I live the farthest away from all of my family, so I don’t see them as often as I want to, the same with most of my friends. It was great when I had a car, but now it’s caput and the budget doesn’t run to another one right now. So I take the train into the city two hours away once a month and see who I can while I am there. I am chief cook and bottle washer in my home, as I am the only one living in it… So I have all the chores to do.. I enjoy reading of course and I love to put on the tunes while doing this.. Well that’s my life in a nut shell.

  15. exercise, volunteer, laundry, read, sleep, do stuff for my boys (drive them around, hang out, etc), then I plop down and watch tv because I’m tired…lol.

  16. In the mornings I’m on the computer.
    I enjoy going for a walk but don’t like to go without my husband because I’m scared of pitbulls.
    I love visiting my three grandkids. They are such a joy to be with.
    I watch a lot of HGTV in the evenings. I did watch Dancing With The Stars. Last night I watched America’s Got Talent.

  17. I live on my daughters farm so my TV is mostly from my front door watching the animals in the pasture and the ones who are supposed to be there and aren’t. First thing every morning I download my mom’s banking info. We’re trying to let her be independent but she has dementia and we need to track her $$ daily. My brother is finally on the same page I am with her but he gets so frustrated trying to talk to her and of course she doesn’t remember.

    So no, I don’t do TV much. I also hate to shop except online. After seeing the responses I’m wondering how all those stores stay in business if no one is shopping! My biggest disappointment, now that I live closest to my mom, is that I lack the time to read as much as I used to. My Kindle is always with me and it’s loaded (the old too many books, not enough time) but just doesn’t get started as often. Spend a lot of time online shopping or keeping up with friends.

  18. Hmmmmm, if USA has NCIS on that day, then the TV is on while I: 1. work at my desk (but it is in the loft with a big screen so not a hardship!); 2. chores (yuk); 3. house projects (getting close to “yuk” but remodeling almost done!); 4. exercise with the hubs; 5. since we both work from home, usually hang with the hubs.

  19. I read, play Words with Friends and Matching Free on my iPhone, go to dog shows (my Sophie is going for her championship), I don’t show her, my friend does. (By the way it is just like the movie Best in Show), watch TV alo. Work during the day. Saturday or Sunday its at my Mom’s or watching Football (Go Chargers) or NASCAR.

  20. Well, I do love to read but, because I started giving cross-stitch projects to my nieces and nephews, plus going to 55 funerals in 2013 and several already this year, the hardest being my nephew’s, I’m so behind on my reading I’ll probably have to take out a small loan just to purchase the books because when I’m done with them, I donate them to the nursing homes, military hospitals and the local library.

    We don’t have the TV on during the day but when my husband is finished with work and dinner then he commands the TV and that’s when I do my best to cross-stitch (in another room), catch up on emails, personal letters/cards and check FB for any updates on friends and the grandkids.

    Compared to most of your readers, I’m pretty dull and I like it like that 🙂 I love the quiet and I’m so thankful I’m retired now. I must say that I’m a night owl and usually head to bed about the time my husband is getting up to go to work.

    Now you have TMI on myself and others 🙂 Have a great day!!

  21. Exercise? Try to go to the Y 3 times a week. Hubby and I walk 3 1/2 miles in just under an hour when we go.

    Television? Yes. I used to put it on in the morning, now it doesn’t go on until late afternoon. I have a handful of shows I watch at night, but mostly I read or play against my friends and family at Ruzzle.

    Kids – I have 3 daughters. We are always doing things with them. Youngest still plays softball so that is our summer. During fall it’s football with the marching band and the winter it’s boy’s basketball with cheerleading.

    Shopping – I love to shop and wish I had a lot of money to do it. Now I try not to go unless I need something.

    Friends – an occasional lunch with my mom or a friend. We have another couple that we sometimes get together on the weekends with.

    Social Media – I love facebook and try to get on there a few times a week.

  22. I work full-time 37.5 hours a week. Try to walk 3 or 4 times a week. Laundry, cooking, housework and bill-paying. Fun activities include reading, knitting, sewing. Love to shop, but the budget is tight right now, so not too much shopping. I like having my TV on for sound when I’m alone. Spend sometime online catching up on news, e-mail, and blogs.

  23. I have a few friends that I hang out with. I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend. I go to school and so I study. Besides reading, I listen to music and I tend to sing and dance while I am at home cleaning or something. I do not socialize much except checking my mail and being on facebook.

  24. I love this question! It’s kind of interesting to hear what other people do during the day.

    My job (after almost 13 years was eliminated last year) so I have been creating a new normal. This is kind of scary but also exciting. You just have to keep a positive attitude and go with it. Oh and try to find humor in different situations. I’ve been on several interviews that I could write a book about. For example, I went on one where the lady had to kind of crazy eyes. One went one way and the other went the other. This is not to be mean or rude in any fashion, but I didn’t know how to maintain eye contact. ??? Oh, awhile back I interviewed at as a deputy clerk for the juvenile court system. They asked me how I felt about children in chains and shackles. And also, they let me know that there was no security system and that people could have knives or guns…but they did have a red panic button that they used to notify the police. Ummmmm, that was no from me. 🙂 Life’s interesting.

    Exercise: I head to the Y Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do cardio in the fitness center and Tuesday & Thursday I’ve been doing water fitness in the pool. Every other Saturday I have a nail appointment and the deal I made with myself if that I went have my nails done then I had to also go to the Y which was only a block away. Sometimes I hate that deal. Overall, I do enjoy my Y time. I’ve become accustomed to exercising in the morning. The people that are there are quite a bit older than I am, but they are very kind and I’ll miss them when I go back to work.

    TV- I’ve never been a big TV watcher, but since I’m off….I’ve started enjoying GMA and Kelly & Michael in the mornings and then during lunch I watch reruns of the show Disappeared on the ID network. I’m both saddened and fascinated because people don’t just disappear. Then I turn the TV off until the evenings. In the evenings I’ve watched DWTS, Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow, Modern Family and Big Bang. Or baseball. I do love baseball season.

    I don’t have children but I do love to shop. Since I have no current need for anything, I don’s shop very often anymore. It’s funny, friends and former co-workers seem to think that I run around shopping all the time because I’m not currently working. That’s wrong. Really wrong. Ummmm, after I get back home from the Y, I walk the dog, shower and then have lunch. I typically spend my afternoon either writing or looking for jobs and (and this is something that I’m not proud of) if I don’t have an interview I stay the rest of the day in yoga pants and a t-shirt and no bra. I’m better about putting on being more fully dressed now that it’s no longer winter and now capri weather. But, it was a long winter. A very LONG winter.

    In the evenings I may get together with a friend or see a movie. Or I read. You can always read. 🙂

    Best wishes to all!

  25. My day? I am retired so I don’t have a schedule. I wake up, let my dogs out in the yard. I make my coffee, Good morning America, then I usually change the station. I watch the DIY channel, Ovation ( has the Antique Roadshow England), the Animal Planet, Bones, NCIS, and on Fridays I watch America’s Next Top Model. My TV is on 24/7. I live alone so I like the background noise. Once in a while I will go to the movies with a friend, or out to dinner with my sister-in-law. Reading is my main activity. :coffee:

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