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We’re all readers, that I already know.  But I do have some questions for you!

1. Book or eReader?

2. If eReader – which one?

3. If eReader – do you read the back matter in your ebooks? (chapter of a new book, info on author etc.)

4. What do you like in the back of your books?

5. And these days, how do you find “new to you” authors?

6. Any other info you think an Indie author with control over what goes into their books should know?

MY ANSWERS to the above questions:

1. eReader

2. iPad – Kindle App

3. Sometimes I read chapters of an author who isn’t the author whose book I just finished; usually I do read the author’s new previews

4. I like to sign up for an author’s newsletter, their FB, Twitter, website info.  Then chapters can be a bonus!

5. I find new authors by following reviewer blogs in email, FB posts from sites I follow, recommendations from people I trust!

6. That’s why I asked you!