Just A Little Chase

  • Billionaire,
  • Fake Romance,
  • Forced Proximity,
  • Grumpy Sunshine

  • Release Date: October 15, 2024

    She’s in need of a fake, friendly boyfriend to charm her family.  He’s the last bachelor up for auction and a grumpy, last-minute stand-in. Neither satisfies the other’s requirements but they might just be what each of them needs. 

    With Lauren Connelly’s ex marrying her sister, the last thing she wants is to show up at the wedding without a date. Which means finding a fake boyfriend ASAP.  The charity bachelor auction provides a solution to her problem, except the man she bids on turns out to be a gorgeous but grumpy executive who scowls more than he smiles. 

    Chase Gossard wants nothing to do with Lauren’s plan to make him her plus one at a destination wedding and pretend that he’s in love. He doesn’t do relationships, fake or otherwise—but she paid a lot of money for the privilege. So why does their touching, kissing, and sharing one bed feel all too real?

    Lauren is smart and witty and sexy as hell.  A down to earth combination that somehow softens his hard edges, and somewhere along the way, he’s falling hard for his fake date. But when the truth comes out and it’s time to part ways, can the confirmed bachelor convince his pretend girlfriend to make things real?

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