Freed – First Chapter Preview

Download here or read below.   What do youbuy the man who has everything for his birthday? Juliette Collins had discarded many gift ideas for her father, Andrew, and finally decided on purchasing a bottle of his favorite wine. He was the ultimate connoisseur and collector and had a wine cellar of his own. There …

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Official Fearless Video Trailer

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Fearless Chapter 1 Preview

Download PDF Here or read below.   Chapter One “Kane! Pick up on Route 5. Lady needs a tow,” Kane Harmon’s father, Joe, called out from the office in Harmon’s Garage. Kane wiped his greasy hands on a rag and pushed himself out from beneath the jacked-up car he’d been working on. He rose to his …

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Going in Deep Sneak Peek Chapter 1

Going in Deep Sneak Peek Chapter One   A man didn’t make mistakes. He made choices. Bad ones stayed with him for a long time but, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, hopefully not forever. With planning and diligence, he could make amends. And that had been Julian Dane’s blueprint for …

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Faking It – Sneak Peek

Max was going straight to hell for lusting after another man’s fiancée. He was absolutely sure of it. As he followed Hailey out of the three story building she was about to purchase, he berated himself for allowing his attraction to this engaged woman to obliterate any self-control he’d had over his physical response to …

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Going Down Hard Sneak Peek

  Prologue Sweat poured off Derek West’s body as he manually trimmed the hedges alongside the Olympic-sized pool on the grounds of the estate where his father, Thomas, worked as the groundskeeper, his mother the maid. And where he and his family resided in the guesthouse on the edge of the property. On such a …

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