Help Dare to Surrender Preorders

DaretoSurrenderDock2DateDARE TO SURRENDER – COMING IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! I really am trying to get my preorder #’s up higher than they were for DARE TO DESIRE so if you’re waiting, please preorder today! xo

Please help spread the word! Available everywhere July 15th! #Ink_Heart

Preorder here:

Kindle – http://amzn.to/1kHRscw

iBooks – http://bit.ly/1o0hk6V

Print – amzn.to/1kjgKc5

I’m busy writing the end of my Kindle World Novella, THE SEDUCTION, so I’m relying on easy blog posts. Ask questions, I’ll try to answer. Best I can do today! :snoopydance:ย 

9 thoughts on “Help Dare to Surrender Preorders”

  1. I pre-ordered it the very first time you posted it :thumbsup: Can’t wait to read it :reading:

  2. Pre-ordered forever ago, at least that’s how it feels. Can’t wait for the book. :angelbanana:

  3. I pre-ordered the kindle version a looooong time ago!! I am confused about ordering this newer story The Seduction. Can you expain it?

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