Just One Summer

  • Age Gap,
  • Grumpy Sunshine,
  • Opposites Attract,
  • Virgin

  • Release Date: January 30, 2024

    Gabriella Davenport is a gorgeous, twenty-two year old virgin with a trust fund, vacationing in the Hamptons for the summer and running from family pressure to marry someone she doesn’t like, let alone love. 

    Maddox James is a sexy bar manager, older than Gabby by a decade. Though he made his fortune on Wall Street, he has returned to his working class roots with a healthy distrust of wealthy women.

    ✔️ Grumpy Sunshine
    ✔️ Age Gap
    ✔️ Virgin
    ✔️ Good Girl/Bad Boy
    ✔️ Opposites Attract
    ✔️ Close Proximityma

    The last of the Dirty Dare series is here. Don’t miss this sexy stand-alone novella!

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    Narrated by: J.F. Harding, Samantha Cook

    Coming May 28, 2024

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